Steve Smith's Controversial Catch Stokes

Explosive Showdown Ignited by Steve Smith’s Catch Reignites Ashes Fever! Intense Clash Unfolds Between Two Commentators

Steve Smith’s Controversial Catch Stokes: During the fourth Test of the Ashes series at Old Trafford, Manchester, a heated debate erupted over a contentious catch involving Chris Woakes’ delivery and Steve Smith’s bat. As the action unfolded, the ball made its way into the hands of Joe Root.

While Root refrained from appealing for the catch, the on-field umpires decided to review the incident. The TV umpire, Kumar Dharmasena, ruled in favor of not out, leaving cricket commentators Mark Butcher and Ricky Ponting engaged in banter of wit and insights. This article delves into the incident and explores the differing opinions on Steve Smith’s controversial catch.

Steve Smith’s Controversial Catch Stokes Debate Among Cricket Pundits

Steve Smith's Controversial Catch Stokes

Catch Controversy:

As the day’s final session approached, Australia was hunting for England’s third wicket in their second innings. Chris Woakes delivered a ball that Steve Smith edged, and the ball seemed to travel straight into Joe Root’s hands. Root’s catch was not followed by an appeal, but the on-field umpires opted to send the decision for review.

Replay Dilemma:

Upon reviewing the catch, the replay indicated that it was a close call. The ball appeared to be quite close to the ground, making it difficult to ascertain whether Root had caught it cleanly or if it had bounced off the turf before landing in his hands.

The TV umpire, Kumar Dharmasena, ultimately decided that there was insufficient evidence to overturn the on-field decision, resulting in Steve Smith being given the benefit of the doubt.

Mark Butcher’s Take:

Mark Butcher, one of the commentators present, opined that Steve Smith’s heart must have skipped a beat during the review process.

Butcher suggested that Smith must have been quite anxious as he awaited the final verdict on his fate. Given the uncertainty surrounding the catch, Smith was perhaps relieved when the decision went in his favor.

Ricky Ponting’s View:

In contrast, Ricky Ponting, another cricketing great and commentator, offered a different perspective. He stated that fielders tend to rely heavily on their own reactions when it comes to such catches.

Ponting argued that on many occasions, fielders are quite certain that they have taken the catch cleanly. In this instance, Root seemed more focused on observing the ball’s trajectory and its potential contact with the ground, rather than instantly appealing for the catch.


With the controversy settled in Steve Smith’s favor, he continued his innings, only to be dismissed later by Mark Wood for 17 runs. Wood managed to breach Smith’s defenses and found the edge, with Jonny Bairstow completing the catch.


The incident involving Steve Smith’s controversial catch during the Ashes Test has sparked lively debates among cricket commentators and fans alike.

While Mark Butcher suggested that Smith might have been anxious during the review, Ricky Ponting highlighted the intricacies of fielding and the instinctive reactions of fielders.

Ultimately, cricket remains a sport where such moments of uncertainty can captivate audiences and add to the drama of the game.

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