Selena Gomez on claims that her new song Single Soon is based on breakup with The Weeknd: ‘Couldn’t be more false’


Selena Gomez has put all speculations to rest. Her new song Single Soon is not based on her breakup with fellow popstar The Weeknd. Listeners seemed to have read a bit too much into the lyrics of her new single. (Also Read: Selena Gomez re-shares hilarious memes inspired by her new pic: ‘That’s my abuela from Mexico’)

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd had a short affair in 2017

Selena’s clarification

Selena recently replied on an Instagram post speculating whether Single Soon is based on her brief 2017 affair with The Weeknd. She wrote, ““Couldn’t be more false.”

Why the speculation?

While Selena’s most talked-about affair has been with popstar Justin Bieber, fans linked her new breakup song Single Soon to her rather short affair with The Weeknd six years ago. That’s because of these lyrics in the song:

“Should I do it on the phone? / Should I leave a little note in the pocket of his coat? (Yeah) / Maybe I’ll just disappear / I don’t wanna see a tear / And the weekend’s almost here.”

Yeah, some listeners seemed to have read too much into the last line.

Selena’s affair with The Weeknd

Selena started dating The Weeknd in January 2017. They moved in together in September, but broke up a month later. Besides The Weeknd, Selena dates Justin Bieber intermittently between 2010 and 2018. Prior to both, she dated Nick Jonas for a year in 2008.

Selena’s new song

Selena’s new song Single Soon dropped on Friday, August 25. The video shows Selena leaving a message for her boyfriend that she is breaking up with him and stepping out of home to party with her girls. She picks out a dress, some glittery shoes for the night and she can ‘do whatever’ she wants.

Selena said in a statement that her music has seen a shift since the release of her Apple TV documentary Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me. “The music I’m doing right now is about real things that I’m walking through. It’s really powerful, strong, very pop. The theme generally is freedom—freedom from relationships, freedom from the darkness,” she said.

Selena’s last popular music was her collaboration on Rema’s Calm Down. She’s currently also a series regular on Disney+ Hotstar’s comic whodunit series Only Murders in the Building Season 3.


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