‘Rakhi nahi Fatima bolo’: Rakhi Sawant gets a floral welcome at airport upon return from Umrah. Watch


Actor Rakhi Sawant is back from Mecca after her Umrah. The former Bigg Boss contestant went to Saudi Arabia with a few friends for the pilgrimage. She returned on Thursday morning and was welcomed by some fans with garlands and floral showers at the airport. (Also read: Adil Khan Durrani sold my nude videos for 47-50 lakh, alleges Rakhi Sawant; says she will file for divorce)

Rakhi Sawant spoke with the media after return from Umrah,

As she made her way out of the gate, she told paparazzi gathered around her, “Rakhi nahi, Fatima bolo (Not Rakhi, call me Fatima).” The photographers obliged and began calling her Fatima. A man tried to put a garland around her neck but she stepped back away from him and took the garland from his hand. She did let a woman put another garland around her neck.

When a reporter asked Rakhi if she has changed her name in her documents, she said, “God made me just like this, he loves me just how I am. He doesn’t need me to change documents or my name.”

Rakhi reportedly converted to Islam for her marriage with Adil Khan. She later accused him of being abusive towards her and even filed a police report against him. He was also accused of rape by another woman and was arrested in February. Lately, they have been speaking against each other in the media, holding press conferences in Mumbai.

Rakhi shared multiple videos from her Umrah in Mecca on Instagram. However, many called her out for trying to gain publicity from it. She cried on camera about the various allegations Adil had made against her, while standing next to the Kaaba.

In a recent interview, Adil said that Rakhi was in touch with her ex Ritesh during their marriage and even visited him. While Rakhi had told Adil she was on a UK tour for work, he later saw messages of her to Ritesh that suggested they spent that week together and that she made a mistake by marrying Adil.

While Rakhi has mentioned in her FIR that Adil physically abused her, he alleged that it was her who beat him. He claimed that when he asked her for a divorce, she assaulted him. He also showed a video of bruises all over his body.


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