Fans think this is the moment Travis Kelce and teammates spotted Taylor Swift during Chiefs game: Watch

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A viral video seemed to have captured the moment Travis Kelce and his teammates spotted Taylor Swift during the Kansas City Chiefs tight end’s game against the Chicago Bears at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri on Sunday, September 24. In the video, Travis is seen smiling as Patrick Mahomes waves at someone in the audience, with a grin on his face.

In the video, Travis is seen smiling as Patrick Mahomes waves at someone in the audience, with a grin on his face (Photo by Jason Hanna / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Getty Images via AFP, @miss.pretty.lamarr/Tiktok)

Other teammates begin noticing the person too, with one of them turning around and appearing to something like, “Oh sh**, that’s Taylor Swift.” “What? Oh sh**” another player exclaims, while one says, “That’s who? Oh!” The conversation is inaudible and their words can only be guessed.

Taylor was perhaps the most excited member of the audience as the athlete got on board for his first touchdown. Travis was found in the endzone against the Chicago Bears to earn a 40-0 lead with 7:40 to go in the fourth quarter, and Taylor seemed to lose her calm.

As CBS cameras turned to Taylor, she was seen banging the glass in happiness. “Let’s fu***ng go,” she yelled after Travis’ third touchdown of the season. She was seen donning a red-and-white Chiefs jacket, and sitting beside Travis’ mother, Donna, during the entire game.

After the game, Travis and Taylor were seen leaving the stadium together.

What Travis Kelce say about the dating rumours

ESPN’s ‘The Pat McAfee Show’ released its interview with Travis last week. He was, without a doubt, asked about the rumours.

“It’s hilarious how much traction this has actually got,” Travis said. “This is like the old school game called telephone, where everybody is just whispering in everybody’s ear. No one actually know what’s going on.”

“Please everybody stop asking my brother,” he added, referring to Philadelphia Eagles football player Jason Kelce who recently talked about it. When Jason initially said his brother was really dating Taylor, he appeared to be joking. “I don’t really know a lot about what’s happening in Travis’ love life,” he said.

Meanwhile, Travis said that he “threw the ball” in Taylor’s “court” and asked her to come to Arrowhead. “I’ve seen you rock the stage in Arrowhead. You might have to come see me rock the stage in Arrowhead and see which one’s a little more lit,” he quoted himself as having told Taylor.

‘They were all giggling like school girls’

Fans reacted to the video posted to X, with one of them saying, “travis is so happy”. “they were all giggling like school girls when your best friend’s crush passes by,” one user said while another wrote, “the waving and giggling omfg they’re like schoolgirls”.

“Lol hilarious video… Looks like Kelce didn’t tell even his QB,” one user wrote. Another wrote, “Ok I’m obsessed with the Kelce era. Lol. These videos crack me up.” “Travis is so proud of it too. He deserves her,” one user wrote.

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