‘You will see more from me’: BTS’s Jungkook announces TikTok debut


In a recent interview with a radio show, BTS member and vocalist Jung Kook announced his TikTok debut. When asked about his TikTok account, the singer giggled saying it was an unexpected moment. He was referring to when he accidentally leaked his TikTok account to the fans.

Since the announcement, the artist now boasts a whopping following of 12.2 million on the app.

Since his handle was now known to the army and the public worldwide the ‘My You’ singer has decided to use it officially.

Jungkook understands the worldwide following the app garners and feels he does not want to miss out on the trends and wishes to learn new things.

“I don’t want to get behind the trend. So maybe? You will see more from me on TikTok” said the singer.

As we know about his fans, they have already gone through his posts on the app and are delighted to see the star following K-pop trends. What excites them more, is that now they hope for regular content by the star on the app.

The K-pop artist posted a new dance video on TikTok today and fans have already been going wild on the net with it’s arrival:

Recent activities on Jungkook’s account

Since the announcement, the artist now boasts a whopping following of 12.2 million on the app.

On September 15, 2023, the singer joined the Smoke dance challenge, sharing a captivating dance video on TikTok.

“I’m giving it a go too (editing was tough…),” he captioned the video.

As usual, his fans showered him with praise for his cool moves and dance skills.

Earlier his bandmate V had also shared his video on the challenge, which has become a rising trend amongst K-pop idols.

This is how Jungkook revealed his TikTok account

In August, Jungkook shared ENHYPEN member- Jay and Jungwon’s take on the Seven Dance Challenge on Wevere through TikTok.

Accidentally, he revealed his username on the app while praising ENHYPEN and since then he has been using his account to share videos with the army and the world.


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