Yami Gautam: I don’t set goals every passing year, I go with the flow


Actor Yami Gautam, who had 3 successful projects in 2023 with immense appreciation, including OMG 2, Lost, and Chor Nikal Ke Bhaaga, expresses her satisfaction with the positive reception of her projects in 2023. “After 2022 with A Thursday, I was hoping to be consistent, not just with my choices, but also with the audience’s response to my film and work. I am happy that all these films worked theatrically and in their OTT releases,” she says, adding, “I wanted to have a balance between both mediums, regardless of anything. When I sign a film, I sign it regardless of where it is going to be released. Obviously, your expectation as an actor is always that it should have the widest reach and I’ll always keep that in mind before committing to a film. I try and keep my expectations very minimal, but you just hope for the best.”

Yami Gautam in 2023

Any set goals she has in mind for the upcoming year? “I am a very go with the flow kind of a person. I don’t set any rules or goals with every passing of the year. I have two releases lined up, a political thriller and a comedy, and I am very excited about them and hopeful that they find their respective ways to the right audience. I am doing my best and going with the flow,” the 34-year-old tells us.

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This year’s projects Lost and Chor Nikal Ke Bhaaga both revolved around the actor’s character as the protagonist and the same goes for her 2022 film Lost. Ask her if she handpicks scripts keeping that (revolving around her) mind or would be comfortable with an ensemble cast as well, Gautam says, “I don’t have such a thing in mind when I sign a film. I signed them because the story was really engaging and compelling. There’s no rule book; I just like to go with my instinct. I read the script for what it is, I would not do a part which revolves around me and has a weak script. If a film works, everything else falls into place. I am looking forward to doing diverse characters which have substance and are pivotal to the story.”

“There are times when you are working at home as well. I am very lucky to have an extremely understanding partner who believes in empowering his partner. That’s the most important feeling you need to have for each other. We like to keep things very simple and we are really private as a couple, we like our personal things guarded,” she further adds.

Reflecting on the highlights of the year, Gautam expresses, “My major highlights of the year were 3 different projects that were appreciated by everyone. I am not someone who holds on to this elated feeling for more than a couple of moments. It is a happy feeling because so many people congratulate you, but it is just for a moment, then I just move on,” further adding, “But as a ritual, I say my prayers, make something sweet for Prasad in puja, that’s my traditional way of celebrating and thanking God.”

Apart from professional highs, Gautam’s personal highlights of 2023 were beautiful and included the addition of baby calves to her farm and the joy of her nephew and sister visiting. “The main highlight was the baby calf that we had, we have two more now. There is a natural interest in natural farming. Staying close to nature gives me a lot of joy and happiness, that goes for both me and Aditya. Adding to that would be my nephew and sister coming over for the first time in Mumbai. He is almost 2 and it is such a joy watching him grow. My highlight would always be family, getting together, and spending time,” she wraps up.


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