Xbox game pass $1 trial no longer available ahead of Starfield release


Xbox Game Pass subscribers can play Starfield on day one, but the $1 trial is no longer available.

Starfield Poster (Pic Source:X/@PeterOvo5)

Microsoft has quietly ended the $1 trial for Xbox Game Pass, just a few weeks after changing the deal from 30 days to 14. This means that those interested in trying the service will have to subscribe at the base price.

The move comes as Starfield is set to release next month. The game will be available on Xbox Game Pass on day one, which is a major selling point for the service. However, those who were hoping to take advantage of the $1 trial will now have to pay full price.

The $1 trial was a popular way for people to try Xbox Game Pass, and its removal is a blow to the service. It remains to be seen how Microsoft will compensate for this loss, but it is clear that the company is looking to increase revenue from Xbox Game Pass.

Why did Xbox Game Pass get rid of the $1 trial?

Microsoft got rid of the $1 trial for Xbox Game Pass. It’s possible that they did it to increase revenue from the service. The trial was popular, so its removal could make it less accessible to potential subscribers.

Another possibility is that Microsoft was trying to avoid people from abusing the trial system. Some people had been able to get around the restriction by setting up new accounts with new email addresses. By eliminating the possibility of a free trial altogether, Microsoft is ensuring that people who want to play Starfield will have to pay for it.

When will Starfield be released?

Starfield will be released on September 6th for Xbox Series X|S and PC. However, players who purchase the Premium Edition will be able to play the game starting on September 1st. The game will be available at the same time for all players around the world, which means that some players in certain time zones will be able to play the game sooner than expected. For example, players in the Pacific Time Zone will be able to play Starfield starting at 5 p.m. PT on August 31st. Pre-loading for the game has already begun, so players who want to play Starfield as soon as it is released should pre-load the game ahead of time.


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