Weekly Tech Wrap: iPhone 15 Launch Date Now Official, X Gets Video/Audio Calls, More


Apple and Google announced their upcoming smartphone launch dates, Garena Free Fire made its comeback to India after a prolonged ban, Jio AirFiber launch dates now official, and more  — the world of tech was dominated by these headlines over the past week. Take a look.

iPhone 15 Series, Google Pixel 8 Launch Dates Confirmed

Apple has issued invitations for the unveiling of the upcoming iPhone 15 series, scheduled for September 12 at 10am PT or 10:30pm IST. The event, named “Wonderlust,” will take place at the Apple Park in California. The invitation showcases the iconic Apple logo in various shades such as black, blue, and grey, possibly hinting at the potential colour options for the iPhone 15 Pro model. Anticipated highlights of the event include the introduction of the new iPhone 15 lineup and the latest Apple Watches. 

Following the precedent set by earlier leaks and speculations, the Google Pixel 8 series is poised to make its debut shortly after the reveal of the iPhone 15 lineup. Google has officially disclosed that the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro will be launched on October 4. The company shared a video advertisement on a platform referred to as “X” (formerly known as Twitter), humorously acknowledging the stress associated with significant autumn product launches. In the video, a Pixel device is humorously depicted with a cucumber attached to its body, alongside an implied iPhone. The Pixel 8 series is expected to consist of a standard Pixel 8 model and a more advanced Pixel 8 Pro variant with enhanced specifications. The launch event for the Google Pixel 8 series is slated to occur in New York, commencing at 10am local time or 10:30pm IST.

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Jio AirFiber Gets A Launch Date

Reliance held its annual general meeting on Monday, making some important announcements on Jio offerings. For starters, Chairman Mukesh Ambani announced Jio AirFiber will be launched on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi on September 19 this year. 

Furthermore, the pocket-friendly 4G feature phone JioBharat V2 is now up for purchase, the company announced. Priced at just Rs 999, it will be available via Jio.com and other e-commerce platforms. 

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X Finally Gets Audio/Video Calls

A few days subsequent to the statement by company CEO Linda Yaccarino regarding the upcoming addition of a video calling function to X, Elon Musk made an announcement on Thursday. He revealed that the X platform, previously known as Twitter, will soon introduce features enabling both audio and video calls. These calling capabilities will be accessible across various platforms such as Android, iOS, PCs, and Macs. It’s worth noting that these features won’t necessitate the use of a phone number.

In his post, Musk conveyed, “Video & audio calls coming to X: – Works on iOS, Android, Mac & PC – No phone number needed – X is the effective global address book. That set of factors is unique”

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Free Fire Makes India Return

Singapore’s gaming powerhouse, Garena, has unveiled ambitious plans to reintroduce the highly regarded mobile game, Free Fire, to the Indian gaming scene. This resurgence follows an 18-month hiatus imposed on the game in the South Asian region due to concerns surrounding national security. Garena is determined to make a triumphant return and has implemented a range of comprehensive strategies to ensure a seamless reentry.

Garena’s dedication to tailoring Free Fire to the discerning Indian gaming community is readily apparent. The company has painstakingly integrated “exclusive content” into the game’s core, fostering an environment that prioritises safety, wholesomeness, and an enjoyable gaming experience. The eagerly awaited reimagined version of Free Fire is set to grace the screens of Indian mobile users on September 5, accompanied by a feature that encourages players to take regular breaks during their gaming sessions.

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Google Brings GenAI To Search

In an effort to revolutionise the search engine landscape, Google has introduced its groundbreaking Search Generative Experience (SGE) in India, showcasing advanced generative AI functionalities. This development follows Google’s prior demonstration in December, where it illustrated AI’s potential to enhance the search experience for bilingual users, facilitate camera-based searches, and introduce a new speech recognition model for Hinglish speakers. The SGE is now accessible as an optional experiment in Search Labs, representing a significant step toward reshaping traditional search paradigms.

The SGE harnesses the innovative capabilities of generative AI to deliver concise summaries of essential information to users, accompanied by links for deeper exploration. Its primary goal is to aid newcomers to the Internet who may feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of online data, streamlining the process of finding pertinent information. For example, complex inquiries such as travel recommendations combined with preparation guidelines can be effortlessly addressed without users needing to break down their questions.

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That’s it from the world of tech headlines this week. Stay tuned to this space for more top stories next week.

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