Vivek Agnihotri, Kusha Kapila, Saisha Shinde lash out at Poonam Pandey for faking death: ‘Shame on you’

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Actor, model Poonam Pandey left everyone stunned with the fake news of her death. In a video, she just revealed that she is ‘proud of’ what her death news has achieved as it highlighted awareness about cervical cancer, something she claimed took her life. However, celebrities including her own friends from the industry are not ready to forgive her for the ‘insensitive’ joke.

Poonam Pandey shared the fake news of her death for cancer awareness.(Instagram)

Poonam Panday is alive

Poonam released a video where she said, “I am alive. I didn’t die of cervical cancer. Unfortunately, I can’t say that about those hundreds and thousands of women who have lost their lives because of cervical cancer.”

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Celebs react to Poonam Panday stint

Reacting to the video, designer Saisha Shinde posted, “Totally disgusted! I called you my friend! You don’t deserve to be my friend! You called this awareness? Shut the f*** up! My mom has had a double mastectomy and she has battled cancer! My sister has had a kidney failure and she’s passed away, my aunt died of mental illness and unlike you they can never come back! Death is not a joke! Death is not a publicity stunt! It’s an actual non quantifiable fact! Shame on you @poonampandeyreal you played with our emotions! And I will never forgive you for this ! Never! What has the world come to? Who are these people?”

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma had a different approach to Poonam’s stint. He tweeted, “Hey @iPoonampandey the extreme method you employed to draw attention to this issue might attract some criticism , but no one can question your intent nor what you achieved with this hoax.. Discussion on cervical cancer is trending all across now. Your soul is as beautiful as you. Wish u a very very long and happy life.”

Ram Gopal Varma on Poonam Pandey fake death.
Ram Gopal Varma on Poonam Pandey fake death.

Responding to news about Poonam’s publicity stunt, Kusha Kapila said, “Here is an agency behind this. Someone actually came up with idea and also greenlit it I cannot.” Riddhi Dogra added, “I don’t blame her or the PR Team. They thought of the idea and knew it’ll be crazy. I blame media and journalists who have reported an Insta post as news without fact checking, they have taken an oath to tell the truth. But seems the oath’s meaning has changed to ‘sell people anything with screams and antics and they’ll buy it coz they’re stupid.’” Siddhant Kapoor commented, “Faking your own death for publicity should be a punishable crime . Disgusting.” Singer Sophie Choudry said, “We all knew it was a stunt and the fact that almost all the media houses carried the news without verifying is just ridiculous.”

Kashmir Files director Vivek Agnihotri shared on X, “With the emerging challenges of SM, I think there should be some regulations, specially, for the newsmakers and those who call themselves influencers. Normalising sensationalism and gimmicks is dangerous. Fake death news is just the beginning. Aage aage dekho hota hai kya (just wait and watch).”

Jannat fame Sonal Chauhan tweeted, “Absolutely Shameful !!! A whole new low!!! Death is not a joke. Cheap and in such poor taste. One needs a to draw a line somewhere.” Aly Goni shared on X, “Fu**ing cheap publicity stunt it was nothing else.. you guys think it’s funny? You and your PR team should be boycotted I swear.. bl***y losers and to all the media portals we people here trust you that’s why we believed it.. shame on you all..”

Singer Rahul Vaidya shared, “And I was right!! Now that Poonam is alive, I can surely say RIP PR/ marketing. New low of creating a sensational/viral campaign .. welcome to kalyug.” He had previously said, “Am I the only one who thinks Poonam Pandey is not dead.”

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