Vidya Balan reveals she used to be very angry with her mom: ‘She was constantly doing things to make me lose weight’


Vidya Balan has revealed that she grew up being angry with her mom for making her follow diet regimes and exercise routines. Speaking with Luke Coutinho, Vidya also said that people still assume she does not exercise at all but the fact is that she is very consistent at exercising because she loves it. (Also read: Here’s what Vidya Balan would ask Shah Rukh Khan if she were a detective)

Vidya Balan shares past memories on how she faced body shaming in her growing years.(PTI)

‘I don’t have quintessential heroine body’

Vidya told the YouTube channel, “I have been criticised a lot for my body and it has not been easy at all. I have spent a lifetime hating my body. It is only now that I have accepted my body. Not to say I do not have bad days and I do not want to be Barbie.” She then also said that she does not thank anyone if they tell her she lost weight as she does not want to feed any conversation about her body. She added that she loves exercising and is very consistent with exercising but people assume she does not exercise at all. Vidya added that “for whatever reason, I don’t have the quintessential heroine body, I have not been able to figure that out”.

Vidya and her mom

Vidya revealed that she grew up as a ‘chubby girl’ and her mother constantly did things to make her lose weight. She added that even in school people had “cute” names to suggest her body weight. Vidya said, “She was scared about the fact that I would be judged like my mom who also grew up as a big girl. Parents are always worried for their children and I see that today. I used to be very angry with my mother, ‘Why does she make me go through the exercise regime? Why is she making me diet so early?’ Maybe it’s because she was worried for me. I grew up hating my body. I had developed hormonal issues very early on in my life because it was the rejection of the body.”

Vidya also recalled an incident when a massage woman commented on her body weight and left her distraught. She added that she cried when she came out and cried upon seeing her husband Sidharth Roy Kapur.

Vidya’s recent work

Vidya most recently featured in the crime thriller Neeyat in which she essayed the role of a detective. The film was her first theatrical release after four years.


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