Tomato Prices Fall To Rs 20 Per Kg In Karnataka As Supply Improves


Tomato prices are finally starting to provide some relief to consumers in certain parts of the country. After weeks of touching skyrocketing prices, the kitchen staple is finally cooling down. Tomato prices in Karnataka declined sharply from the highs of Rs 140 per kg to near about Rs 20 per kg recently.

According to a PTI report, officials stated on Monday that the tomato prices in Karnataka have significantly reduced due to the improvement in the supply of the commodity of late. For instance, tomato prices in the Mysuru APMC (Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee) fell down to Rs 14 per kg on Sunday. Price in the last week averaged around Rs 18 to Rs 20 per kg, helped by the improved supply.

The Mysuru APMC Secretary M R Kumaraswamy noted that the supply in the market has improved by two to three times as compared to the previous month. This has resulted in a sharp fall in prices. He noted that last month itself, tomato prices in the Mysuru APMC ranged around Rs 140 per kg, and currently, the retail price of the commodity stands around Rs 30 per kg in the state. 

Notably, tomato prices started touching the sky last month across the country. Retail prices in some metro cities broke the consumer’s back. Siliguri in West Bengal recorded the price of Rs 155 per kg for the staple, while Kolkata saw tomato prices shoot up to Rs 148 per kg. At one point, Delhi and Chennai also witnessed tomato prices rise to Rs 110 per kg and Rs 117 per kg respectively. 

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This sharp increase in tomato prices was credited to the disruption in supply caused by heavy rainfall in tomato-producing regions. Further, rainfall also posed a challenge to the harvesting and transportation of the commodity. The increase in tomato prices also led to a spike in headline inflation, the Reserve Bank of India noted earlier in the month.


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