These Google Flights updates will help book cheaper air tickets. Check details


Google Flights, a Google service that facilitates the purchase of air tickets through third-party suppliers, has rolled out a set of features to help travellers save money on flights for the holiday season, or any time of the year.

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“Most of the time, it is better to book on the early side, especially when your plans are not very flexible. But flight prices do change frequently, and there are often low fares to be found with the right tools (and some perseverance),” the tech giant said on its official website on August 28.

Upgraded insights: For searches with reliable trend data, the system will now show when fares are at their lowest for the coming days, to book chosen dates and destination.

This upgrade is in addition to the existing facility, under which users can check if the current prices for their search are low, typical, or high, when compared to past averages for the same route.

Price tracking: This feature is for those who want to wait till fare reduction before booking tickets. When enabled, it will automatically notify you in case there is a significant drop in prices.

With this, you can also set up fare tracking for specific dates, or, if you are willing to be flexible, you can turn activate ‘Any dates’ for deals within the next three to six months.

Price guarantee: This is in the form of a colourful ‘guarantee badge’; it reflects if the system is ‘especially confident’ that for a flight ticket one has booked, the price as on the day of booking will not get any lower before departure (including before takeoff).

If, however, the fares drop, the difference between the original and reduced price shall be returned to the customer by Google Flights via Google Pay.


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