The Flash: The final season and the complete series are coming to Blu-ray


The Flash is a TV show about a guy who gets super speed and fights crime. The show is over now, but you can buy all 9 seasons on Blu-ray or DVD. The sets come with deleted scenes, gag reels, and special features.


“The Flash: The Complete Ninth Season” brings you all 13 concluding episodes along with extra treats. Dive into deleted scenes, laugh with the Season 9 gag reel, and explore the special feature called “The Flash: The Saga of the Scarlet Speedster.” Prices are set at $19.96 for the DVD version and $24.95 for the Blu-ray version.

What is The Final Season of The Flash About?

The Flash is a TV show about a guy who can run really fast and fight crime. The show stars Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, Candice Patton as Iris West-Allen, Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow, and more.

The Flash is produced by Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television. The key creators of the show are Greg Berlanti, Eric Wallace, Sarah Schechter, Jonathan Butler, and Sam Chalsen.

The final season of The Flash will be exciting, challenging, and full of action. Barry and his team will face off against new threats, and they will have to work together to save Central City.

Did The Flash Show End the Arrowverse Completely?

The Flash is the final series in the Arrowverse, a shared universe of DC Comics-inspired television shows on The CW. However, the Flash series finale did not end the Arrowverse. Showrunner Eric Wallace said that he hoped the universe would continue on, but the last remaining Arrowverse spinoff in development, Justice U, has since been scrapped by The CW.

So, does this mean that the Arrowverse is over? Not necessarily. There are still other ways to connect the Arrowverse shows, such as through character cameos or references. For example, The CW could air reruns of Arrowverse shows or produce new comic books set in the Arrowverse.

“I still am hopeful that the Arrowverse is not over,” Wallace explained. “I’ve approached it as The Flash is over and I want to make the best Flash series finale as possible. On the other side, of course, there’s no Batwoman. There’s no Legends. There’s no Black Lightning. There’s no Arrow or Supergirl. It is very strange. All of the shows that were on Earth-Prime, they’re all going away. So, what does that mean? I don’t know.”

“I’ve wrapped up a lot of things in the series finale, and it ends on a very hopeful note that shows you how the future of the Arrowverse could continue in some way, shape, or form,” Wallace continued. “It hopefully gives people closure, but also some hope for the future, because otherwise it’s very sad to think that there’s no more crossovers, that there won’t be an Arrowverse after May 24. That saddens me because I love it so much, and it was such a big part of not just my life, but a whole fan base’s life.”


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