Taylor Swift’s private jet travels a matter of concern for many, here’s why

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Taylor Swift‘s attendance at the Super Bowl on February 11 has been a hot topic of discussion since the Kansas City Chiefs’ win over the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Considering the 34-year-old singer’s unwavering support for her boyfriend Travis Kelce ever since the duo was first spotted together, Swift is expected to touch down in Las Vegas right after wrapping up her Eras Tour show in Japan. However, Swift’s excessive use of private jets has given rise to concerns over carbon emissions in light of ever-increasing global warming.

Taylor Swift under fire for private jet travels over carbon dioxide emissions(AFP)

Taylor Swift under fire for use of private jets

The chatter over Swift’s attendance at the Super Bowl has grown loud over the past couple of days, with even the Japanese Embassy hoping she makes it on time. During the 2023 leg of the Eras Tour, the Cruel Summer hitmaker travelled via her private jets extensively. It is well understood that the logistics of Swift’s multiple-shows world tour require the Blank Space singer to opt for the fastest mode of travel.

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Despite that, Swift is the latest in a long list of celebrities, who have come under scrutiny over private jet travel, per the Associated Press. The outlet explains that if she attends the Super Bowl in Vegas, she would be travelling more than 19,400 miles by private jet within two weeks. This has sparked major concern among many over the resulting carbon emission from such long travels.

According to Gregory Keoleian, co-director of the Center for Sustainable Systems at the University of Michigan, such extensive air travel could release more than “200,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions,” per the outlet. It is about 14 times the average American household’s emissions in a year, according to data from the US Energy Information Administration.

Julia Stein, a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles School of Law, says that the scrutiny over the Midnights singer’s extensive use of private jets highlights the rich-poor “disparity.” “You’re seeing this play out on kind of a microcosmic scale (with Swift), but that’s true too of industrialized countries their carbon emissions historically,” Stein said.

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