Smriti Kalra on the Women’s Reservation Bill being passed: This marks a shift in the era


Actor Smriti Kalra visited the Rajya Sabha and new Parliament in Delhi to celebrate the passing of Women Reservation Bill, and she calls it a moment of pride and honour. “It has been a long journey since 1996, when the bill was first presented and it was passed after several attempts. And that’s why this marks a shift in the era,” says Kalra, who can’t stop gushing about getting a chance to tour the New Parliament. “It’s beautiful. What I liked the most was the gallery of constitution. There were such lovely artefacts and installations, depicting India’s heritage, culture and more,” she tells us.

Smriti Kalra met minister Anurag Thakur during her visit to Delhi.

Stating that she enjoyed being part of the discussion, where she heard the speakers present their strong views about women empowerment, she feels besides benefiting women, the bill has a larger purpose. “It will also uplift the society as a whole. Women will have a say in policy making, and since women are known to be the nurturer, we will have a brighter and shinier future to look forward to. There will be a better understanding of important issues and sensitivity towards other matters like rape, domestic violence etc. While a lot of work has been done by the government in this direction in the past, things will be put into action with a greater force after more women will join.”

The actor further states that though she may not be involved in the forming and passing of the bill, she feels empowered. “As your (women’s) percentage in the policy making increases, you feel empowered. I’m not part of the process, but I am confident that I will be heard more. This change will touch every sphere including the entertainment industry. When you know there are women sitting at power position, understanding your issues and working to resolve you, you feel empowered on a subconscious level as well,” shares Kalra, who also visited Minister Anurag Thakur’s house for lunch, and a meet-up before heading for the event.

The bill has been passed now, which gives a reason to rejoice, however it will be implemented only in 2027. While some are criticising this delay in the execution, Kalra prefers to look at the brighter side. “I see it as a golden opportunity to scout more women leaders and nurture them, so that they can take charge of the situation and work for improvement,” she opines


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