Shilpa Shetty Kundra: I want people to look up to me for the stuff I can do beyond my work

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Actor Shilpa Shetty Kundra was recently seen in her OTT debut in Rohit Shetty’s Indian Police Force and the actor is glad about the adoration she has been receiving post the release. “I am just happy that people loved Tara Shetty as a character. I have received a lot of love. It’s a huge compliment that it’s the most watched show and has reached a lot of people. It was great to kick ass with a tough character like that and to make other women happy. They were so happy to see me in a character like that, a strong cop role. I feel extremely privileged and proud, and humbled at the same time,” she shares.

shilpa shetty change of champions award

Would we see more cop roles in the future? “I have literally kept my entire diary empty right now. I have to finish with KD – The Devil and now I will decide on what I want to take on next. I want it to be a clean slate,” Shetty answers and continues, “For the last two years I have worked so hard, I now just need to balance it with my kids and make sure that I am also responsible enough as an artist to not let down my audience. I really want to vet the scripts that have come to me, some really interesting projects, but now I will zero in only in sometime.”

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She was also recently honoured with the Changed Of Champions award and she tells us that “it felt like a compliment”. “It’s very sweet to acknowledge somebody’s journey and I feel championing a cause is a big thing. For me, it’s health and wellness and I always champion that cause wholeheartedly. As an artist, your job is not restricted to just cinema, you need to have an extension to your personality and I did that in wellness and health purely out of passion. To be recognised and receive an honour like that is very kind of them,” the actor further adds.

Kundra feels that as a celebrity, there is an ownus on your shoulders of being responsible. “It’s about shouldering not just the glamour but also a certain sense of playing a catalyst in some good cause so that people can take a leaf from that. Why just be aspirational only in the aspect of being starry?” she says, adding, “I want people to look up to me for the stuff I can do beyond my work. I think that we are blessed as artists to be in that special position or be recognised and we must leverage that means to good causes.”

Ask the 48-year-old if such accolades motivate you more to work in the same direction and she answers, “I don’t work because I look for awards. I take it in my stride that people have acknowledged my work in a field. I will continue to do whatever I am doing with the same passion that I always put. When people acknowledge it, it just makes my heart very happy.” “Whether I would have gotten this award or not, I would have still continued to try and motivate people to be healthy because for me, health is something that cannot be taken for granted. I do that as a mother for my children and I want more parents to be aware about how good health is important in our life. That’s my job and I feel I became an actor to be a catalyst in this field,” Kundra ends.

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