Shamita Shetty on getting trolled for her age and marital status: My reaction was a mixture of hurt and frustration

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Actor Shamita Shetty recently called out a troll on social media who commented ‘Buddhi, without a man’ on her Instagram post, taking a dig at her for her age and being single. Talking to us about this social media negativity, she shares, “It’s usually best to ignore trolls to protect your mental health because arguing with them just makes things worse. Trolls want attention, so responding only encourages them,” adding, “But sometimes, you need to speak up to defend yourself or others. Trolling can really get you down, especially when they say hurtful things. To cope, focus on staying positive and taking care of yourself. That’s key to dealing with the negative impact of trolling on your well-being.”

shamita shetty on trolling

Expressing her feelings about the initial reaction to the comment, the 45-year-old says, “My initial reaction upon seeing the comment was a mixture of hurt and frustration. I strive to maintain positivity on my social media platforms, sharing moments that can bring joy to others,” continuing how it can affect an individual’s mind, especially if it’s coming from fellow women, “However, encountering personal and negative comments, especially from fellow women, deeply affected me. I felt compelled to respond, not only for myself but also to challenge the behavior and promote support among women. While ignoring trolls is usually best, in this instance, I felt it necessary to address the comment publicly to advocate for kindness and understanding.”

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Does she think it’s a con of being a public figure? “It can be seen as a disadvantage of being a public figure. The accessibility of social media allows anyone to express opinions about your life without understanding your journey. This tendency for personal intrusion is indeed a drawback of public visibility. This constant exposure to unsolicited opinions can be emotionally taxing and challenging to navigate, contributing to a sense of vulnerability and invasion of privacy,” answers the The Tenant actor, who was the victim of age shaming.

Shetty tends to cope with her family’s support and prioritising her own happiness. “Firstly, my family’s support is invaluable, as they prioritize my happiness over societal pressures. Additionally, having battled depression, I understand the importance of daily efforts to maintain happiness and avoid triggers. I engage in activities like meditation and focus on gratitude to uplift my spirits during challenging moments,” she expresses.

“Despite facing obstacles in my career, I remain resilient, concentrating on gratitude for what I have. I maintain faith in my journey and focus on staying positive amidst difficulties,” she further adds.

Having said that, the actor also believes that there is a generational shift in attitudes towards age and marriage. “There’s a change in how people view relationships and marriage. Nowadays, it’s common to see couples who may not prioritize loyalty or respect in their relationships. Finding someone willing to work through problems and stay committed is tougher now,” shares Shetty.

“Family support matters a lot—if they encourage you to follow your dreams rather than pressure you into marriage, it’s better for everyone. Marriage shouldn’t be rushed into just because of societal norms; it should be based on respect and genuine love to ensure lasting happiness,” she concludes, highlighting how marriage isn’t something that should be rushed because of pressures.

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