Sexual Health: How Psychological Factors Shape Sexual Wellness? Expert Shares Tips


A complex, varied part of human identity, sexuality is impacted by many different things. The interaction of various elements, which can range from biological to cultural to psychological and beyond, can influence a person’s sexual expression and behaviour. We shall examine the many aspects of sexuality in this article, from the biological influences on our wants to the societal conventions that might alter our views towards sex.

In an exclusive conversation with Zee News English, Shailja Mittal, Founder & CEO of Qurex talks about the connection between mind and body and how psychological factors shape sexual wellness.

Ms. Shailja says, “Our minds and emotions play a critical role in shaping our physical experiences. Sexual health, though often viewed solely through biological lens, is deeply entangled with our psychological landscape.”

The Impact of Trauma or Abuse on One’s Sexual Health

Our sexual preferences may be significantly influenced by our psychology. For example, trauma or abuse may have a significant influence on a person’s sexuality, causing uncertainty, shame, or even an aversion to particular sexual behaviours. A person’s sexual expression may also be influenced by psychological qualities like openness or neuroticism.

“The way we perceive ourselves is often based on our past experiences, cultural and societal beliefs, and trauma. These factors also influence our sexual identity and behaviour,” Ms Shailja further mentions.

Societal, familial and individual expectations sometimes force us to conceal our true selves, leading to feelings of guilt, inadequacy, or confusion.

The emergence of sexual dysfunctions is one of the most frequent ways that trauma or abuse can influence sexual health. This may involve issues with arousal, orgasm, or pain during sexual activity. These problems can be quite upsetting for people and may call for specialised attention from a medical expert.

According to Shailja, CEO of Qurex, “Data shows, over 200 million Indians are suffering from sexual dysfunctions. This is like an epidemic fuelled by our unsolved emotions and sometimes, untreated biological aspects.”

Ms Shailja suggests, “The solution is simple – we help each other to establish a nurturing and therapeutic environment that can empower individuals to embrace their sexuality with joy and without guilt. Instead of burying our desires under the weight of exceptions, we need to redefine our sexual narrative, paving the way for a confident and productive society.”

What also matters is understanding and accepting that sexual health is a combination of physical, emotional, and relational aspects.

Therefore, the expert concludes, “Seeking help at the right time and from the right sources becomes imperative when issues crop up and start threatening our well-being.”


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