PM Narendra Modi Inaugurates Permanent Campus Of IIM Sambalpur

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the permanent campus of IIM Sambalpur on February 3. Union Minister of Education and Social Justice, Dharmendra Pradhan was also present in the inauguration event. The new campus, situated in Basantpur, boasts cutting-edge facilities including auditoriums, libraries, sports zones, incubation centers and hostels, all designed to meet administrative, faculty and academic standards with a focus on sustainability.

An official statement from the Ministry of Education shared on X (formerly known as Twitter) highlighted the state-of-the-art infrastructure of the IIM Sambalpur campus. The inauguration event witnessed the participation of approximately 4,000 individuals, comprising teaching and non-teaching staff, students and esteemed guests.

The campus features numerous lecture halls, video conferencing facilities, and 11 hostels providing accommodation for 600 students. It also includes dedicated blocks for faculty and staff residences, a dining hall, sewage and water treatment plants, as well as a lecture hall equipped with traditional chalkboards, digital boards, and blended boards. Additionally, the campus houses a computer center and an extensive library that operates round-the-clock.

The Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment Council (GRIHA) is set to confer a 4-star rating upon the IIM Sambalpur campus. This recognition is attributed to its extensive development master plan, which prioritizes the creation of a green, smart, and world-class environment equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure.

According to IIM Sambalpur, the campus is meticulously designed to maximize natural daylight in regularly occupied living areas while ensuring fresh air ventilation throughout interior spaces. The campus efficiently utilizes treated water from the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) for irrigation and flushing purposes.

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Additionally, the incorporation of a photovoltaic solar power plant on the rooftop, along with the integration of LED lighting and energy conservation building code (ECBC) compliant electric appliances such as DG sets, transformers, lifts, pumps, and motors, significantly contributes to reducing electricity consumption.

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