PM Modi Raises Concerns Over ‘Algorithm Bias’ Of AI, Stresses To Ensure ‘Ethical’ Use


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said there should be a global framework for the ethical use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as he expressed multiple concerns surrounding bias in such modern technologies and their significant impact on society. He said a more integrated approach is needed in this matter and a global framework should be created to take care of all stakeholders regarding artificial intelligence.

While addressing the B20 Summit India 2023 organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), PM Modi said business communities and governments need to work together to ensure the usage of ethical AI as “we have to sense the potential disruptions in different sectors,” reported news agency PTI.

He was also quoted as saying by PTI: “Today, the world is showing a lot of excitement regarding AI. But amidst the excitement, there are also some ethical considerations. Regarding skilling and re-skilling, concern is being raised about algorithm bias and its impact on society. Such issues also have to be resolved together.”

Modi said such issues of disruptions due to AI have to be “solved under the global framework.” While addressing the event days ahead of the G20 Summit, Modi said India is preparing a global framework for Green Credit and urged industry leaders to adopt life and businesses with an emphasis on planet-positive actions.

He also highlighted multiple matters pertaining to climate change, the energy sector crisis, the food supply chain imbalance, and water security. He added that everyone should increase his/her common efforts to combat these challenges as all these matters have a big impact on business.

PM Modi asked businessmen and guests present at the event to reconsider their traditional approach to business, stating they should go beyond brand and sales. He was quoted as saying: “As a business, we also have to focus on creating an ecosystem that will benefit us in the long term.”

He further put emphasis on the importance of businesses focussing on improving the purchasing power of more and more people as a self-centric approach will harm everyone.

Notably, he also made a strong case for developing an integrated approach to deal with issues concerning cryptocurrencies also. He said, “There is a need for a more and more integrated approach in this matter (cryptocurrencies).”


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