Pankaj Tripathi reacts to OMG 2’s A certification: ‘It is uncalled for, if kids can’t watch the film, there is no point’


Having crossed the 140-crore mark, OMG 2 continues to roar at the box office and pull more audiences into theatres. Though Pankaj Tripathi is elated with the response the film is getting, he stresses that prohibiting the intended audience — teenage kids — from watching the film on sex education, defeats the whole purpose, and hence, he calls for reconsidering the A certification that it has received. (Also Read | Akshay Kumar’s OMG 2 becomes 4th highest grossing adult film of Bollywood)

Actor Pankaj Tripathi in a still from OMG 2.

“It feels really good that the film is doing well. Humne itni mehnat se yeh film banaayi thi. People are liking the film, that too, on such a bold subject of sex education,” says Tripathi, admitting that he was “surprised and disappointed” when the film received A-certification from the censor board.

He elucidates, “We have addressed a very important subject in the film which is meant for teenagers. So, A certificate is just uncalled for. OMG 2 was made for children and if they only cannot watch the film, there is no point. Not letting them watch the film is similar to not giving them sex education in general.”

The 46-year-old is aware that a film’s certification isn’t in the hands of actors or the makers but the censor body, and he’s hoping that they will reconsider after everyone’s collective noise.

“They (CBFC) must have also received the feedback from the audience, that many people weren’t able to watch because of this reason. So, it;’s not only about the box office collections. It’s also about the message not getting delivered to the age group that it was intended for, otherwise they would watch it illegally later on. It would be great if the certificate of the film gets changed,” the actor urges.

In fact, Tripathi asserts that not from merely filmmaking point of view but OMG 2 makes for strong case in imparting sex education, in general. “Yeh film toh mandatory karke bachon ko dikhani chahiye. I got a message from a psychiatric society yesterday. A doctor friend of mine told me that the psychiatrists in the group were discussing that everyone should support this film because unke paas yeh teenager ke issue aate honge. They think that it should be shown to teenagers,” Tripathi tells us, who is a father to a teenage girl.

And he mentions that he very well believes in the message of the film, and whatever he’s preaching in OMG 2, he practices that at home with his daughter Aashi (17). “The school where she studies, there is proper sex awareness and education. In fact, in our family also, we or even our daughter, do not hesitate in talking about this topic. I agree with the content; that is why I became a part of this film,” he admits.


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