One Piece Live Action series sets sail with mixed reactions from fans


The highly anticipated One Piece Live Action series has officially set sail with its first episode, and the Reddit community is buzzing with reactions that range from excitement to skepticism. The episode, which offers a fresh take on the beloved manga and anime, has elicited a variety of opinions from fans, both old and new.

One Piece Live Action series receives mixed reactions from fans, but captures the essence of the beloved manga and anime.(YouTube/ Netflix)

One fan expressed their sadness over the omission of the “Morgan is a corrupt marine” plotline, but remained hopeful that elements like this could surface in future episodes. They noted that the pace had to be quick with just 8 hours to cover all of East Blue, which might result in some plot points being shortened or altered.

The initial reactions to the show’s portrayal of iconic characters were generally positive. One viewer praised the actor playing Gol D. Roger, noting how well he captured the essence of the character. They were also surprised and pleased by the inclusion of Garp in the episode.

Luffy’s portrayal garnered attention, with one Reddit user pointing out that his more serious demeanor and cleverness added depth to the character. They also lauded the choreography of Luffy’s fights, highlighting how well it reflected his playful personality.

Nami’s depiction was another standout, with fans appreciating her crafty and adaptable nature. Her ability to maintain her thief skills was well-received, and some users mentioned that her portrayal felt accurate to the source material.

Zoro, known for his swordsmanship, was praised for his fight scenes and the actor’s performance. Despite minor deviations, fans found his portrayal fitting and reminiscent of his earlier appearances in the series.

Some viewers were quick to remind fellow fans to approach the show with an open mind. They advised others to consider the live-action adaptation as an alternate universe take on the story, where some differences are to be expected.

While the episode garnered praise for its adaptation and some changes to the storyline, it didn’t escape criticism. Some fans pointed out inconsistencies and continuity errors in the editing. Certain dialogue scenes were described as having an overly hyperactive editing style that felt jarring.

Despite mixed reactions, the overall sentiment seemed positive, with many expressing surprise at their enjoyment of the episode. Viewers emphasized that the show managed to capture the spirit of One Piece, even with its differences from the source material. It was noted that the show’s tone, while different from the anime, still felt true to the heart of the series.


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