Nickelodeon Super Bowl 2024 highlights: ‘Hi Taylor’, SpongeBob live from Bikini Bottom

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There are many ways to weigh out this year’s Super Bowl Sunday. Some may watch it from the MAGA lens, others may be bowing to the Taylor Swift influence or pulled in by Usher taking the big stage. Regardless of how you took it in stride, there’s no denying that the Super Bowl 2024 was powered by a ‘wild’ and ‘slimy’ marketing eye. Nickelodeon approves this message.

Noah Eagle and Nate Burleson joined SpongeBob and Patrick in Bikini Bottom.(X / NFL)

It was nearly impossible for anyone to be left out of the Super Bowl conversation with everything happening around its name. However, if you were among the seven people on the planet who were over the whole rigmarole, childhood icons like SpongeBob and Dora may have dragged you in by now. As the first alternate Super Bowl telecast for kids, Nickelodeon’s riotous coverage of the NFL showdown was enough to get kids hooked on the game as well.

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Coming to you right from Bikini Bottom, the proudly recognised wacky undersea city, the slime-covered fest was helmed by commentators Noah Eagle and Nate Burleson with the titular cartoonish duo who lead the Nickelodeon staple SpongeBob SquarePants. Reality augmentation has come a long way and its advancement found an exemplary presentation in how the animated personas of these two characters came to life on the screen. Although the cartoons took charge of the commentator booth, they were voiced by the original stars Tom Kenny and Bill Fagerbakke from a different room.

Other than the animated sponge character and his starfish sidekick, their fellow residents of the underwater world, Larry the Lobster and Sandy Cheeks, also made significant cameos on the action-packed pitch. In a welcoming change, Dora the Explorer also switched gears from her usual confused ways to pose as a rules expert. The banter-filled chaos will likely engross you even if you’re not an American football fan.

Nickelodeon Super Bowl 2024 highlights

SpongeBob Super Bowl opening performance

SpongeBob and his gang jumped into an electrifying performance of Sweet Victory for the Super Bowl, recreating Rihanna‘s halftime show. X users also excitedly said, “Even SpongeBob still not over Rihanna’s performance” and “Not SpongeBob stole Rihanna’s stage design”.

Watch the SpongeBob Super Victory performance:

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SpongeBob drags Leonardo DiCaprio

Not in a million years would anyone have thought of SpongeBob dragging Leonardo DiCaprio over his dating history. Yet it happened, and SpongeBob wasn’t scared to pull the ‘25’ card: “Leonardo DiCaprio, 25! That’s his dating history.”

DoodleBob: “Hello Taylor”

SpongeBob creators are Swifties, confirmed. As the cameras panned to show Taylor Swift with her friends Ice Spice and Blake Lively in the luxury suite, nervously cheering on Travis Kelce’s Chiefs, a cartoon doodle jumped right across the screen popping heart-eyes at the You Belong With Me songstress.

A netizen proudly tweeted: “Super Bowl really said we’ll play a few clips of the football game during the SpongeBob & Taylor Swift show…”

Slime mayhem

Even though there weren’t as many touchdowns as one would’ve wished for, slime geysers were anticipating the uproarious moment to break out. Finally, in a moment, now immortalised by San Francisco 49ers on their X profile, when the Chiefs’ rivals claimed their touchdown, the field was showered by slime (not literally, in case you were wondering).

Fish puns

Forget the big celebrities who were there to attend the Super Bowl at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. Redirect your attention to the ones who checked attendance in the Bikini Bottom stands. From LePrawn James, Fin Diesel, Billie Eelish, Herring Styles, Clamuel L Jackson, Doja Catfish, Oprah Finfrey and the finest Bikini Bottom couple Jason Kelpe and Taylor Fish were all in attendance.

Dora the Explainer

Talk about character development! Gone are the days when Dora was just a little confused girl learning about the ways of the world. Look at her now, she’s climbed the ranks to earn her deserved spot as the NFL’s rules expert.

Mr Krabs, Bikini Bottom’s rising local business owner didn’t hide his snide ways either. Bringing a more than explanatory board to the game, he announced “Buy One Get None Free”. Putting his foot down, he made it abundantly clear that The Krusty Krab had no plans of rolling out freebies.

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