Neeraj Chopra’s Daily Diet Revealed: Omelette, Fruits, Homemade Churma & More


Neeraj Chopra has once again etched his name in India’s history by clinching the nation’s first-ever gold medal at the 2023 World Athletics Championship in Budapest. His remarkable achievements on the field have led fans to be equally intrigued by his off-field life, including his eating habits and dietary regimen. In a recently resurfaced interview with ESPN, the javelin thrower shared insights into his culinary preferences and dietary choices.

Chopra’s fondness for ‘gol gappas’, a popular Indian street food, caught attention. He defended his indulgence by explaining, “I think there is no harm in eating gol gappas. It’s mostly water and most of your stomach gets filled with water. The papri is quite big but the amount of flour is very little. It’s mostly water that’s going inside you. There is some amount of spice but that’s another matter.” He compared the flour quantity in gol gappas to that of a couple of rotis, suggesting that occasional consumption is acceptable for athletes.

During tournaments, the gold medalist’s focus shifts to healthier options. He shared, “On match days, I don’t like to eat anything that’s too fatty. I prefer eating things like salads or fruits. I also like to eat things like grilled chicken breast and eggs.”

Neeraj Chopra’s regular culinary choice may seem surprisingly simple – a combination of bread and omelette. “I can eat bread and omelette any time of the week. I probably eat that more often than anything,” he casually revealed. Like many, the athlete occasionally indulges in sweets, particularly on cheat days. While he usually refrains from sugary treats, his victory celebrations occasionally call for something sweet. His preference? Homemade churma, a traditional Indian dessert made from crushed roti, sugar, and ghee.

Neeraj explained his cheat day choice, stating, “If after I win I want to have a cheat meal, I’ll usually eat something sweet. I usually restrict the amount of sweets I eat normally so when I get the chance to have a cheat meal, I’ll usually eat a lot of sweets. I don’t even care what kind of sweets they are. What I really like is fresh homemade churma.”


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