‘Need integrated approach on cryptocurrency’: PM Modi at B20 summit


Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the businesses to focus on ‘consumer care’ rather than celebrating consumer rights only.

Addressing the B20 summit in the national capital, the prime minister “Can we talk about consumer care? It will send a positve signal and will resolve Consumer rights issues. We need to boost trust between businesses and consumers”. He suggested a day to be observed as ‘international consumer care day’.

The prime minister also spoke on cryptocurrencies, calling for an integrated approach to deal with issues related to cryptocurrencies.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the B20 Summit. (X/PTI)

“You (business leaders) have come to India at the time where there is a celebration mode in the country. This time the festive season in India started from 23rd August. This celebration is Chandrayaan-3’s landing on the surface of the moon. ISRO played an important role in the success of India’s lunar mission. Along with this India’s industries have also played an important role…”, the prime minister said at the B20 summit.

“ISRO played an important role but along with it, the Indian industry, MSMEs and private companies also contributed to this mission. This is a success of both science and industry”, he said.

“We have a vision of inclusiveness and with that vision, we invited African countries for #G20Summit for their permanent membership”, Modi said.

“India has the largest youth talent. India has become the face of the digital revolution at the time of Industry 4.0…Business can transform potential into prosperity, obstacles into opportunities & aspiration into achievements. Whether they are small or big, global or local business can ensure progress for everyone”, the prime minister added.

Talking about India’s role in efficient global supply chain, he said,”The world can never look at the global supply chain in the same way. Can a supply chain be called efficient when it gets disrupted during the time of need? India is the solution to this problem”.

The prime minister also called for a pro-planet approach to be adopted by every nation. “In India, we are focusing on green energy. We aim to replicate the success of solar energy in the green hydrogen sector. India wants to take all countries together, and it is reflected in the form of International Solar Alliance”, he said.


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