Naseeruddin Shah recalls considering his father villain of his life: ‘Nautanki karoge toh khana kaha se khaoge?’


Naseeruddin Shah recently talked about not being able to think of himself as an ideal father. He has been vocal about his strained relationship with his father, about which he said he still has regrets. The senior actor said although he never wanted to become like his father, he might have been harsh towards his kids at times but unwillingly. Also read: Naseeruddin Shah says he couldn’t watch RRR, Pushpa because of hypermasculinity

Naseeruddin Shah spoke about his father.

Naseeruddin Shah not being an ideal father

The actor on We Are Yuvaa said, “I never wanted to be like my father with my kids. I wanted my kids to hug me and be free around me. It has happened to a certain point only because somewhere, unintentionally, the habits which were ingrained in you, not because of genetics but memetics. It sound waves and attitude around you tend to reside in you. Unwillingly, I have hardly spoken to my kids. I have never thrashed them, this is what I have learned from my father. I don’t want my kids to be scared of me. I don’t know how much I have succeeded but ideally, I want this. I haven’t been an ideal father because at times my anger took charge of me.” He also joked about being scared of his younger son.

Naseeruddin Shah on his father

Naseeruddin also said he realised many things after his father’s death. “I used to think of him as the villain of my life. I had forgotten his small gestures, such as his kind-heartedness,” he added. During the same conversation, the actor recalled how his father wanted him to become a doctor, but he opted for acting. He said his father was shocked when the actor showed no interest towards studies and even failed in 9th standard. His father had also questioned him, “Nautanki karoge toh khana kaha se khaoge? (how will you survive with an acting profession)”

Nasseruddin’s father was Aley Mohammed. He has previously talked about not being with his father during his last days. Naseeruddin is married to Ratna Pathak Shah. He had three kids–Heeba, Imaad and Vivaan Shah.


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