Meta brings WhatsApp app to macOS with audio, video group calls


WhatsApp parent Meta Platforms (earlier Facebook, Inc.) has released a WhatsApp app for macOS, allowing group calls – both audio and video – on the Mac computers.

The WhatsApp for Mac supports video calls with up to 8 people (Image courtesy: Meta)

The WhatsApp app for macOS follows the March release of the one for Windows desktop.

WhatsApp for macOS

In a press release, Meta stated that the service has been ‘redesigned to be familiar to Mac users.

(1.) With it, people can make group calls from Mac for the first time. A maximum of eight attendees are allowed for video, and 32, for audio calls.

(2.) An individual can join a group call after it has started; you can also see call history, and choose to receive call notifications even when the app is closed.

(3.) Also, users can share files by dragging and dropping into a chat, and view chat history.

(4.) As with WhatsApp on any device, this app, too, ensure maintains the privacy of personal messages and calls, doing so via end-to-end encryption.

(5.) The Mac computer must be macOS 11 or later, according to CNET.

How to download?

For this, users must click on this link. Once there, click on ‘Download’; you will see three options, namely Android, iOS, and Mac.

Hit the download button under Mac.


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