Maluma catches a crutch thrown at him onstage, fans say ‘I would have been enraged’. Watch

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Maluma narrowly escaped a mishap after he caught a crutch thrown at him during his latest concert. In a video that was captured by a fan, and is now going viral on the internet, the Colombian rapper was seen catching a crutch that was thrown at him onstage. He was performing at his ongoing Don Juan tour. (Also read: Charlie Puth begs fans ‘to stop throwing things at performers’ during concerts after Bebe Rexha incident)

Someone threw a crutch at Maluma during a recent concert.

What happened onstage

In a video which is now going viral on X (formerly called Twitter), Maluma was seen catching a crutch with one hand as a reflex, onstage during his performance. The rapper did not lose his composure and was seen in some sort of disbelief at what had just happened.

Fan reactions

Reacting to the incident, many fans reacted angrily at the careless behaviour of fans that could have seriously injured the singer. One said, “I would have been enraged and would vow to only perform at venues with at least 100 feet from the stage and the closest audience member.” Another fan wrote, “You all are out of control. At this point venues need to put up plexiglass.” A comment read, “Why does he look at the crutch after he catches it like Peter Parker pls?” A second fan said, “Now why the hell are you throwing a crutch in stage dont you need it?”

Recent incidents

In recent months, there have been several incidents where singers were injured with fans throwing things at them during their live performances. Bebe Rexha was injured during her concert in June while she was performing in lower Manhattan. A fan threw a cell phone at her face which split her eyebrows and required stitches. The accused, a man named Nicolas Malvagna, 27, was later arrested at the venue, and charged with assault. The singer then posted a selfie on her Instagram, showing her stitches and a black eye. “I’m good,” she wrote.

Then, it was singer Ava Max who was slapped by a man who came onstage during a concert in Los Angeles. She later tweeted about the incident and said, “He slapped me so hard that he scratched the inside of my eye. He’s never coming to a show again (angry face emoticons) thank you to the fans for being spectacular tonight in LA though!! (red heart emoticon)” Kelsea Ballerini and Harry Styles were also injured in the past few weeks owing to these incidents.

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