Made in Heaven controversy thickens: Director says she met Yashica Dutt after already shooting Radhika Apte episode


The controversy surrounding the Neeraj Ghaywan-directed episode on a Buddhist wedding in Season 2 of Made in Heaven has taken a new turn. Author Yashica Dutt has now slammed the makers for their ‘hostile’ statement to her demanding credit for using her body of work in the episode featuring Radhika Apte as a Dalit bride opting for a Buddhist wedding. Yashica revealed that she had a meeting with one of the writer-directors Alankrita Shrivastava in July 2022. In response, now Alankrita has also denied these allegations on her Twitter account. (Also read: Anurag Kashyap defends Neeraj Ghaywan amid Made in Heaven controversy: ‘I saw him get cancelled in a day’)

Alankrita Shrivastava, who is one of the writer-directors of Made in Heaven, has responded to Yashica Dutt’s claims.

Yashica’s new allegations

Yashica took to her social media and wrote, “Update:In response to my gentle demand for acknowledgement, the makers of MIH put out a hostile statement calling it ‘misleading’. Was it also misleading when Alankrita Shrivastava, the writer/director of MIH requested a meeting with me in NY on July 15, 2022 that lasted 5 hours?”

She the detailed how the writer-director did not respond anymore via mail, and said: “I was expecting to at least see a follow-up email in my inbox, which of course there was none. Only to discover that a year later she was a maker of a show that had brazenly taken not only my likeness but even parts of that conversation for screen. This entire narrative has been twisted & horribly disfigured to serve the interests of savarna indie Bollywood, to make them appear progressive on screen as they continue to steal the likeness & stories of real Dalit folks, while also clamping down on them when they ask for credit.”

Made in Heaven maker’s response

In response, Alankrita took to her Twitter to deny these claims and pointed out the timelines of the shoot of the episode and her meeting with Yashica. She wrote, “The Pallavi Menke story was shot in October 2021. I went to New York in July 2022.” Neeraj Ghaywan also shared the same update on his Instagram Story.

The controversy began a few weeks ago when author Yashica Dutt claimed that the Radhika Apte episode in Season 2 of Made in Heaven was heavily inspired by her life and her work, ‘Coming Out as Dalit: A Memoir.’ She then said how the Made in Heaven episode was ‘stunning in its portrayal of a Dalit woman and her Buddhist inter-caste wedding’, adding it ‘unfortunately erased her contribution’ to it. A few days later, the makers of the show released a statement denying the claims.

Made in Heaven is available to stream on Prime Video.


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