Kris Jenner’s fans question her ‘ridiculous’ appearance in Instagram video, speculate use of filters or AI


Kris Jenner’s fans were baffled by a video of the reality TV star that showed her looking very different from her usual self.

Kris Jenner using AI of Filter?(Instagram/ Kris Jenner)

The video was posted on Instagram by Samer Khouzami, Jenner’s makeup artist, on Monday. He captioned it, “Glamming @krisjenner always a pleasure.”

In the video, Jenner wore a black and white polka-dot outfit and stared at the camera with a serious expression. Khouzami moved around her to capture her glam look from different angles.

However, fans noticed that Jenner’s face looked heavily filtered and smoothed out. They also commented that she barely blinked in the 10-second clip.

The 10-sec clip of Kris Jenner(Instagram/Kris Jenner)
The 10-sec clip of Kris Jenner(Instagram/Kris Jenner)

Some fans questioned if the video was even real or if it was generated by artificial intelligence.

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“Is this AI?” several users asked, while another one wrote, “The AI of Kris Jenner.”

Some fans criticized Jenner for using too much filter and not embracing her natural beauty and age.

“Embrace your age. This filter is ridiculous,” one user wrote.

“Why add a filter? Kris is stunning. Wrinkles are not a bad thing, I promise,” another one said.

Some fans joked that Jenner should “blink twice” if she was “in trouble” or if she needed help.

Others took a more sympathetic approach and complimented Jenner on her style and makeup.

This is not the first time that Jenner has been accused of altering her appearance online.

In April, she and her daughter Khloé Kardashian were slammed for using a “scary” amount of filters in some selfies. They both wore lace bunny ears and had flawless complexions and plump lips.

“Brooo, stop with the FaceApp,” one user commented.

“What in the Michael Jackson is that lmaoooo 😂,” another one said, referring to the late singer’s multiple plastic surgeries.

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Jenner’s face also sparked a lot of discussion after the Season 3 premiere of “The Kardashians” in May.

In one scene, she tried to comfort her daughter Kim Kardashian over her divorce from Kanye West.

A clip of the scene was shared on TikTok, where many fans said that Jenner was “unrecognizable” and compared her to Liza Minnelli.


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