Kanye West reportedly threatened to ‘shave’ children’s heads and lock them in ‘jails’: Lawsuit


The recent lawsuit filed by Trevor Phillips reveals Kanye West’s alarming conduct. He claims to have been subjected to “severe discrimination, harassment, and retaliation”, when he worked as Director of Visions and Design at Kanye West’s Yeezy company, who later assumed more responsibilities at Donda Academy.

Kanye West accused of threatening to shave students’ heads and build jails in school(Photo by Amy Harris/Invision/AP, File)(Amy Harris/Invision/AP)

Past the documents that broke into light by Page Six, Phillips claims that West threatened to shave the heads of Donda Academy students and also suggested erecting cages at the school as a security precaution.

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Phillips adds that West every now and then propagated antisemitic views even while in the school compound and went as far as wanting to “shave their heads” and “intended to put a jail at the school.”

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Phillips deems that, at an evening dinner for Nobu Malibu in December 2022, West came up with the language downplaying the Jewish people as if they are inferior, and even had the courage to praise Hitler as an innovator and declare that the Holocaust is fictitious.

The claim states, “What was meant to be a meeting with his boss about Donda Academy, its curriculum and horticulture, ended up being antisemitic and bigoted soliloquy-topped off with sexual harassment.”

West reportedly treated black employees worse

The former Yeezy employee further alleges that West made threats against the LGBTQ community, claiming that after their sushi was delivered, West expressed intentions to target the gay community, asserting, “’Yeah I’m going for the gays! FIRST the Jews, THEN the gays!’” Phillips also claims that West attributed control of homosexuals to Bill Gates. During the meeting, West reportedly simulated masturbating while discussing sex and made inappropriate comments.

Phillips also alleges that West boasted about spending $20 million of the school’s budget on a trip to Paris and “treated black employees palpably worse than white employees..”

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The lawsuit details a deteriorating relationship between Phillips and West, culminating in a heated argument in May 2023 over a garden project. Despite being fired and rehired multiple times, Phillips claims he was ultimately terminated in August 2023 when Donda Academy closed down.

The lawsuit seeks to hold West accountable for his alleged discriminatory behavior and seeks damages for Phillips’ suffering.


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