Is Google Really Shutting Down Gmail? Here’s What You Should Know


A hoax is being circulated on micro-blogging site X, formerly Twitter, claiming that Google intends to discontinue Gmail by 2024. However, the tech giant has mentioned that it is entirely baseless and should be treated as a hoax. The false rumour about Gmail’s closure initially surfaced on X after several users shared an image supposedly depicting an email from Google.

The purported message stated: “Google is sunsetting Gmail,” with a claimed shutdown date of August 1, 2024, which is entirely untrue. 

Google took to X to affirm that “Gmail is here to stay,” providing reassurance to millions of users that the service will not be discontinued. Despite Google’s past actions of shutting down popular services, many users were misled by the hoax, mistaking it for a genuine email.

The official Gmail account on X has addressed the hoax by confirming that “Gmail is here to stay.”

This hoax gained some credibility due to this: Google revealed last year that Gmail’s classic “HTML View” would be discontinued in 2024. While this simplified interface lacked modern features, it served as a basic alternative for users seeking a straightforward view of their inbox.

Even more concerning is the fact that individuals entertained the hoax that read Google was shutting down Gmail altogether. While the company has a track record of discontinuing underutilised or ineffective apps and services, Gmail stands as a fundamental cornerstone of Google’s ecosystem. Virtually every Google Account is linked to a Gmail account.

It is highly unlikely, and perhaps even unfeasible, for Google to sunset Gmail in the foreseeable future, regardless of any speculation circulating online.

To recall, in September 2023, Google announced on its support page that it is set to retire the Basic HTML version of Gmail in early 2024. According to the company’s support page, starting from January 2024, Google will cease support for the Basic HTML version of Gmail. For compatible browsers, Gmail will automatically open in Standard view. While the exact timing of Google’s decision to discontinue the Basic HTML version of Gmail remains unclear, users can expect the transition to the Standard version to occur automatically after January 2024.



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