iPhone 15, Apple Watch 9, More: What To Expect From Apple ‘Wonderlust’ Event

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Apple is on the brink of its annual hardware launch event, scheduled to be broadcast from its Cupertino headquarters on September 12. This event is poised to introduce a slew of fresh hardware offerings, with the spotlight shining brightest on the iPhone 15. This year’s event has been teased with the tagline “Wonderlust” on the invitations, but as Apple’s tradition goes, taglines rarely give away the specifics of the announcements.

In keeping with last year’s September event, which saw Apple lift the curtain on new iPhones, Apple Watches, and revamped AirPods, this year’s launch holds the promise of several exciting updates:

iPhone 15

Apple is set to roll out four brand-new iPhone models, continuing the trend established in 2020. If Apple sticks to its naming conventions, these models will carry the iPhone 15 moniker.

Media reports and noted tipsters have suggested that we can expect two middle-range iPhones — one with a 6.1-inch screen and another with a 6.7-inch screen. Additionally, two “Pro” models boasting titanium casings and enhanced camera capabilities are on the horizon.

The most significant change this year is poised to be the introduction of a USB-C charging port, ushering out the proprietary Lightning port that has been in use since 2012. This move aligns Apple’s iPhones with the industry-standard USB-C port found on Android phones, modern laptops, iPads, and an array of other devices.

This shift is, in part, driven by new European regulations mandating a universal charging port. Apple may not explicitly state this, instead choosing to accentuate the user-friendly aspects of the change, such as enhanced convenience and faster charging. They may even bestow this port with an exclusive Apple branding.

The Pro models may also receive titanium casings, a lighter alternative to the stainless steel used in recent iterations. Event invitations feature an Apple logo with what appears to be a titanium finish.

The lower-end models, likely to be dubbed iPhone 15, could witness upgrades to the “dynamic island,” a cutout housing facial recognition cameras near the top of the screen. This design made its debut in last year’s Pro models, supplanting the traditional “notch.” The mute switch, an iPhone fixture for over a decade, might also gain new functionalities, potentially serving as a customisable “action button.”

Apple is expected to tout camera and chip enhancements as compelling reasons to upgrade. The largest and most expensive iPhone, the larger Pro variant, could introduce a new zoom lens with twice the magnification of the iPhone 14 Pro’s 3x zoom lens, according to Bloomberg.

One lingering question concerns whether Apple will adjust pricing, with some analysts pointing to rising component costs. However, last year, Apple refrained from increasing US iPhone prices under similar circumstances, opting instead to make periodic worldwide price adjustments following product launches and in response to currency fluctuations.

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Apple Watch Series 9

In September 2022, Apple introduced the Apple Watch Series 8 and unveiled a new high-end titanium model known as the Ultra.

Both of these models are poised to receive updates this year, although Apple Watches typically see fewer substantial changes from one year to the next compared to iPhones. The size and form of Apple’s mainstream watches have remained consistent since 2018.

Analysts anticipate upgrades to the chip housed within the new watches, along with improvements to their health sensors. Nevertheless, Apple might be reserving more significant changes for next year, marking the device’s 10th anniversary.

AirPods, Other Accessories

Apple boasts a range of accessories currently utilising Lightning connectors, including certain AirPod models, Beats headphones, mice, and keyboards.

AirPods Pro are expected to receive a novel feature known as Adaptive Audio, a capability achieved through machine learning and software that intelligently adjusts volume and noise-cancelling, allowing users to remain aware of their immediate surroundings.

Apple is likely to revamp its accessories to ensure compatibility with USB-C, though these updates may not be a part of the Tuesday event discussion and could potentially see release at a later date.

The forthcoming Apple launch event promises an enthralling showcase of the company’s latest innovations, providing a sneak peek into the future of Apple’s hardware offerings.

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