Infosys Founder Narayana Murthy Recalls How He Starved For 120 Hours During Hitchhike In Europe


N R Narayana Murthy, the Founder of Infosys, recounted a personal experience from 50 years ago, stating that he tolerated hunger for 120 hours straight while hitchhiking in Europe. The 77-year-old shared this anecdote while speaking at a UN session during a special event titled ‘Achievements in Food Security: India’s Strides Towards Sustainable Development Goals’. The Permanent Mission of India hosted the event to the UN at the UN headquarters.

“Most of you have not experienced hunger. I have,” remarked Murthy as he addressed the audience comprising UN diplomats, officials, academia, civil society organisations, and members of the Indian diaspora during the event.

He recounted an incident from 50 years ago, “I experienced hunger for 120 hours non-stop when I was hitchhiking in Europe and at a place called Nish, a border town between Bulgaria and what was then Yugoslavia and today Serbia.” 

“Most Indians here and I have received good quality and highly subsidised education from the Indian government. Therefore, as civilised people, we must show gratitude to our nation and help the future generation of these helpless, poor children to get (a) good education,” he added.

Murthy elaborated on the initiatives undertaken by Akshaya Patra, emphasising that true success lies in bringing smiles to the faces of those in need. “Akshaya Patra is hugely successful by that count. If our poor children lose hope and faith in our society, they will turn to violence and destroy all the good that India has achieved and is hoping to achieve,” he said.

The Infosys founder highlighted India’s significant economic advancements, crediting the government’s effective policies and the dedication of Indian entrepreneurs, citizens, and multinational companies to foreign direct investments. He pointed out that the Indian government operates the most significant food security initiative globally.

“Akshaya Patra is a proud addition and a proud partner of this fantastic initiative of the Government of India. Poverty is not unique to India. It is there in every society. Akshaya Patra makes the future of India safe by bringing inclusivity to the country’s growth and making the poor people enthusiastic partners in our quest towards prosperity,” Murthy added.

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