‘In Dubai, these players would’ve been finished’: Shastri addresses burning question as rain kills Asia Cup excitement

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Rain has been a seventh hidden team in the Asia Cup, already washing out one game and on the verge of another. The Super Four game of the Asia Cup between India and Pakistan, that was washed out after 24 overs and moved to reserve day today, may take some time getting underway as a downpour began in Colombo 90 minutes before resumption. And although it relented a little, the rain hasn’t stop. As another delayed start awaits, the decision of choosing Sri Lanka as a venue has once again come under the scanner.

Ravi Shastri on point as to why UAE wasn’t picked over Sri Lanka as Asia Cup joint hosts.(Getty/AFP)

The burning question has already taken the world by storm with some wondering whether the decision to persist with the UAE over Sri Lanka as joint-hosts made more sense. Stadiums in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have hosted plenty of tournaments – the 2021 T20 World Cup and last year’s Asia Cup – so why not this one too? Well, former India coach Ravi Shastri addressed the red-hot UAE vs Sri Lanka debate and his reason as to why Dubai wasn’t chosen as venue is a eye-opener.

“If you actually see at this moment in time, there is rain everywhere. You know, there was talk about that it could have been played in Dubai. Dubai is so hot… for a 50-over game, these players would have been finished. It’s unforeseen circumstances, it’s a calamity that can happen naturally. You look at Bangladesh, northern India, Mumbai, coastline of India… there is rain everywhere,” Shastri said on the Cricket Live Show on Star Sports.

Wasim Akram’s viewpoint

As Shastri pointed out, the temperature in Dubai is fluctuating between 40 to 47 degrees Celsius at this time of the year. It’s essential to consider that players enduring such extreme heat for 50 overs on the field might be a reason why the UAE wasn’t on standby. Adding to this perspective, Akram supported Shastri’s theory. While he understands with the frustrations caused by frequent washouts and rain interruptions, Akram urged the public to refrain from indulging in the blame game.

“I know it’s frustrating for the players and the fans back home in India, Pakistan and worldwide as well but this thing you cannot control. A lot of people are criticising a lot of people regarding the Asia Cup but this decision has been made. There is not point criticising now, nothing can happen. A lot of people say it should have been played in Pakistan. We can discuss this topic but it’s not our job,” said the former Pakistan captain.

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