Ideas Of India 3.0: Ananya Birla And Navya Naveli Nanda On ‘The Next Gen: A Different Vibe’

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Ideas Of India 3.0: Young Entrepreneurs Navya Naveli Nanda and Ananya Birla addressed the third edition of ABP Network’s Ideas of India Summit sharing their views on a session titled ‘The Next Gen: A Different Vibe’, which was moderated by Shaili Chopra. The two became the voices of the younger generation, discussing how it becomes overwhelming at times for them to swim in the ocean of information. In addition, the two also spoke about belonging to a certain family yet having the courage to do something on their own.

Navya On Her Podcast: ‘What The Hell Navya’

Navya Nanda runs her podcast ‘What The Hell Navya’ where she engages in candid conversations with her mother Shweta Nanda and grandma Jaya Bachchan.

Sharing her experience in the podcast and the bonds she has formed with them since then, Navya says: “It’s been a really fun experience doing this with them, so much, that we’ve learned about each other over the last two seasons, and especially this one- always very unfiltered, always very opinionated if you know the three of us. But I think that’s how we wanted to keep it we wanted to keep it.”

“This is a household which is not unfamiliar with cameras and is the more opinionated off the camera and we’ve never really shied away from voicing our opinions and that’s just who we are,” she adds.

Ananya Birla On Her Musical Journey:

Ananya Birla shared about her musical journey that began when she went to university at Oxford, where she was reading economics and management.

“And I spent a year and a half there, I went through a little bit of a tough phase with my mental health and I started gigging in cafes and pubs in and around London, Brixton Camden. It was when I realized that I was just so happy. It was very cathartic when I was writing my music and singing,” she says.

Ananya Birla On Her Business And Entrepreneurship:

Ananya works in the development sector and for her, all the work that she does is primarily impact-driven or, centred around giving back. Calling it a moral choice, Ananya says: “I think it’s an individual choice for me. I believe that we have a responsibility to leave society better than we found it. It could be on tiny things.”

Ananya was 17 when she started Swatantra and has recently done a mega acquisition of Chaitanya.

Talking about this, Ananya says: “No matter how cliche it sounds, I think I became swatantra during that process. As a naive 17-year-old girl, I think I saw in our society that women didn’t have freedom to do what they wanted because they were not financially independent. So either she was under the care of a father, and then after marriage, it’s her husband’s choice. And I realized that as soon as the woman becomes financially stable by herself individually, of course, there are a lot of other pressures which I can’t take away from, but there’s a little bit more leeway that she gets to make her own choices.”

Navya And Ananya On Being Born With A Silver Spoon:

Belonging to eminent families, both Navya and Ananya have been born with a silver spoon but, both have chosen to build their lives on their own. Though they agree to the privilege one gets on having a certain surname, both of them address the responsibilities they have towards their families and society as a whole.

Talking about this, Navya says: “I think for me when people talk about you know, a surname or carrying forward a legacy, I really believe that everyone has a last name, everyone has a responsibility to carry their last name forward or carry their legacy forward no matter what field you come from, or what background you come from. So, of course, I’m doing my part in taking that name forward and doing the best that I can to make my family proud, make myself proud and fulfil the ambitions that I have for myself as a young woman.”

She adds: “But I think when we speak of privilege, I don’t think I would be where I am sitting today if I didn’t come from the family that I come from, because I got a lot of opportunities at a very young age that most other girls don’t get. And for me it’s always been important to use those opportunities to the best of my abilities, to create the most that I can- not just for myself but for others as well.”

Ananya also agrees to this and says that she wouldn’t be anywhere without her last name, but she also gives credit to her family, friends and team for whom she has come so far.

She says: “And slowly but surely, I think I’ve been able to refine my own skill sets and try to show up every day for myself in a way that I feel proud of. I hope that I can contribute a minuscule amount to what my forefathers have and may impact people and make myself better and hopefully make the world a little better.”

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About Navya Naveli Nanda:

Navya Naveli Nanda is an Indian entrepreneur and public figure. She is the granddaughter of Amitabh Bachchan, a renowned Bollywood actor, and the daughter of Shweta Bachchan Nanda and Nikhil Nanda. Navya Naveli Nanda gained public attention due to her family background but has also made a name for herself through her endeavours in entrepreneurship and social activism. She co-founded Aara Health, a healthcare platform focused on women, and is involved in various philanthropic activities.

About Ananya Birla:

Ananya Birla is an Indian singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur. She is the daughter of industrialist Kumar Mangalam Birla, who is the chairman of the Aditya Birla Group, a conglomerate with interests in various sectors. Ananya Birla has ventured into the music industry and has released several singles.

Apart from her musical pursuits, Ananya is also known for her entrepreneurial endeavours. She has been involved in the business world and founded Svatantra Microfinance, a company that provides financial services to rural women in India.

Ideas Of India Summit

The ‘Ideas Of India Summit’, scheduled for February 23 and 24, serves as a pivotal platform for comprehensive deliberations on ‘The People’s Agenda’ in the lead-up to significant elections in the world’s largest democracy. Renowned luminaries representing diverse sectors will convene to delve into the multifaceted dimensions of India’s socio-political landscape, reflecting the ethos of ABP Network’s flagship initiative to foster nuanced discourse on Indian society and governance.

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