Ideas Of India 2024: Here’s What Neetu Ma’am Said On Advertisements Claiming ‘Learn English In 10 Days’


Ideas Of India Summit 2024: On the first day of the ‘Ideas Of India Summit 3.0’, the third edition of ABP Network’s flagship event, Neetu Singh, Founder of KD Campus & KD Live, Author and English Teacher, addressed the obsession over the English language. Neetu Singh, also known as Neetu Ma’am, discussed the importance of the English language among the young generation.

Neetu Singh said, “Knowledge of English is not about division of class. It’s about the quality of the content. Every language has its own feel to its content. You won’t get the essence of translated Hindi poetry in English, nor will you get the essence of Shakespeare’s works in Hindi.”

‘English Can’t Be Learned In 21 Days’

When asked about advertisements claiming to ‘Learn English in 10 days’ or ‘Learn English in 21 days,’ Neetu Singh said, “When I started in Mukherjee Nagar, I got a pamphlet claiming ‘Learn English in 45 days.’ I said, ‘Those who didn’t learn English in 45 days, come and learn from me.’ This is a learning process that takes time. However, with our experience, we can shorten the learning time. We give you a straight direction. English is easy, but we made it scary.”

“Secondly, we hide our weakness by saying that we are ‘Hindi Bhasi.’ Then I told a boy that you are not ‘Hindi Bhasi,’ you are ‘Hindi Bhashi.’ So they do not understand the difference between ‘Sa’ and ‘Sha,’ but they have an ego that ‘Hum Jo hai So Hai,” she added.

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Refuting the claims to learn English in 21 days, Neetu Ma’am said, “Understand what is important to you, prepare yourself for your goal, groom yourself. No one can learn English in 21 or 45 days until you put your heart and soul into it and are not guided properly. I can surely say that English can’t be learned in 21 days.”

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