Grand Admiral Thrawn’s live-action debut sends shockwaves through Star War’s Ahsoka’s universe


Disclaimer: Spoiler Alert!

The real fight begins(Lucasfilm)

Well, well, well! The long-awaited arrival of the Grand Admiral Thrawn on Ahsoka finally happened in this week’s episode of the Disney+ Star Wars series. And it was a stunning entrance.

The sixth episode focused mostly on a new galaxy, where Morgan Elsbeth and her crew landed on Peridea, the ancient home planet of her Dathmiri ancestors. There, they met the Great Mothers, who told them that the big bad character that the whole series has been building up to would be coming soon. And sure enough, a huge Star Destroyer appeared in the sky.

Thrawn (Mitth’raw’nuruodo), the bloody red-eyed, blue-skinned Chiss alien, made his way down a line of Night Troopers led by a creepy gold-masked man named Captain Enoch.

He stopped and declared his presence with a cold statement, “What was first just a dream has become a frightening reality for those who may oppose us.” This scene and this line mark the live-action debut of a character who first appeared in Timothy Zahn’s 1991 landmark Star Wars expanded universe novel Heir to the Empire.

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The character was then later brought to life in animation on Star Wars Rebels. Now, he was here in person — played by Lars Mikkelsen, who also voiced him on Rebels.

The chilling appearance of Thrawn was thrilling, especially when he faced his old Rebels rival, Sabine.

“What a delight it is after so long to see a familiar face,” he said to Sabine.

“I understand it is you have to thank for my escape from exile.” He also questioned her choice to give Baylan Skoll the map that would lead to his release (because of her hope to find her former Ghost crewmate Ezra Bridger) saying, “The desire to be reunited with your long-lost friend — how that singular focus will reshape our galaxy.”

That singular focus did pay off in one way when Sabine fought off some bandits and found Ezra (played by Eman Esfandi), who was hanging out with some weird creatures called Noti that looked like a cross between a praying mantis and a turtle.

“I knew I could count on you,” said Ezra, who now had a beard and leaned casually on a hut.

“Though it sure took you long enough.”

While they hugged and joked around, Ezra’s last words of “I can’t wait to go home” may not come true with two Force-sensitive mercenaries on their trail and a brilliant strategist aided by witches about to leave the galaxy. But help may be on the way.

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Ahsoka and Huyang hitched a ride to Peridea in the mouth of a Purrgil… because why not… and they should balance the odds if they can get there in time — which we assume they will, or else there’s no show. And when they do, Thrawn will be ready. “Great Mothers,” he said ominously in the final line of the episode, “I shall once again require the aid of your dark magick.”

With only two episodes left, it looks like the real fight is about to begin now with Thrawn, Ezra, a bunch of ancient witches, and a guy named Enoch in the mix.

Sounds like another chapter for Huyang’s History of the Galaxy is about to be written.


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