Fortnite April O’Neil quest: Where to find empty pizza boxes ahead of TMNT event

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As the anticipation for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cowabunga event grows, Fortnite has introduced multiple side missions in the game. The April O’Neil quest sets the stage for the TMNT event, which will go live on Friday, February 9. One of the tasks from the quest is to find empty pizza boxes across different locations on the Battle Royale Island. As April sets on the journey to investigate mysterious scenarios, players must help her to find some answers. The upside of this quest? You get experience points!

Help April O’Neil find empty pizza boxes in Fortnite

What is the Fortnite April O’Neil quest?

If you wish to help April in her investigations, you can check out the questline by opening the Quests tab. There are four quests in total that are worth 10,000 XP points each. This means that after completing all the quests, you can earn a total of 40,000 XP. The ongoing quest will run up until the TMNT event goes live, which is on February 9 at 9 am EST. The quests are as follows:

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  1. Talk to April
  2. Hide in sewer entrances
  3. Visit the Underground HQ
  4. Find empty pizza boxes

Where to find empty pizza boxes in Fortnite April O’Neil quest?

Empty pizza boxes are hidden at three different locations on the map. Thankfully, they are all located in the Underground HQ tunnels. Once you reach the entrance, you can find all three pizza boxes at a stretch. The three locations are as follows:

  1. Near Vengeance Jones- After heading to the bottom of the stairs, you can find the first box near in the corner to your left, next to a brown-coloured wooden crate.
  2. Southern exit area- Once you locate the first box, turn right and head to the centre next to the weapon cases. In between the train tracks, you should find the second box.
  3. Northern exit area- As you head through the metal door to the opposite of the main area, climb up the stairs and past the blue drapes. This will lead you into a room with two pillars, next to which, you will find the third box.
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