Fans ‘heartbroken’ over viral TikTok video of anorexic YouTuber Eugenia Cooney


Eugenia Cooney is a popular Anorexic YouTuber who has been creating videos for more than 10 years.

Eugenia Cooney’s new video attracts hate and concerns(Instagram/Eugenia Cooney)

However, Cooney has also been a source of controversy because of her ultra-thin figure which went viral the previous month.

Many people have suspected that Cooney suffers from an alleged eating disorder, something that she addressed in a documentary by Shane Dawson in 2019.

After the documentary, Cooney received medical help and thanked her fans for their worries about her.

However, Cooney’s appearance has not changed much, and many viewers are still worried about her health and urge her to seek help. Cooney has been posting more videos on TikTok lately and one of her latest videos is causing a lot of concern among her fans.

On September 22, the 29-year-old posted a video of herself dancing to Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies.’ But viewers were not paying attention to Cooney’s dance moves. Instead, they were shocked by Cooney’s appearance, noticing how thin she looked.

The video has gone viral and amassed over 30 million views as users comment with concerns about her health.

“My jaw should be used to this by now, but every time I keep having to pick it up from the floor. Eugenia… .girl, come on now,” one user said.

“She is literally knocking on death’s door,” another X user said. “This is exceptionally sad.”

“Please help her!” another pleaded in the comments section.

“This is just so heartbreaking,” one user wrote.

This is not the first time fans have asked Cooney to get medical attention. Even other creators have asked their viewers to support her, like when YouTube star PewDiePie asked his fans to send her positive messages in 2019.

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In a video posted a couple of months back the YouTuber said, “It would be great if the internet just tried to be positive to people.”

“If they’re concerned, even if the person may not listen immediately, showing concern in a kinder way would be way better.”

So far, Cooney has not responded to the recent comments expressing concern for her health, but she has been uploading regularly to both her TikTok and YouTube channels.


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