Elnaaz Norouzi: I am in America for Christmas and New Year this year

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Actor-singer Elnaaz Norouzi released her second song Woah recently, and she feels that it can be a bit difficult to manage both acting and singing projects alongside. “It’s going to be tough because I have to pay a lot of attention and dedicate a lot of time to singing as well. I want to do both singing and acting. It might be tough, but I love performing,” Norouzi says. “I did it a lot this year. I performed on 3 big stages as a singer this year, in Miami, Zimbabwe, and Abu Dhabi. It was a dream come true. These are the things I’ve always dreamt of doing as a singer, so now I get to do both,” she further adds.

Elnaaz Norouzi in America

Her latest single Woah holds a special place in her heart. She explains, “Woah is special for me because it gives women the power of their sexuality. It’s full of confidence and groovy at the same time. It allows women to talk about themselves. I never had that kind of confidence while modeling, even when I was doing well.”

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Despite her passion for singing, acting remains a cornerstone of Norouzi’s identity. “Acting is definitely closer to me. It is my baby. I love it and I grew up wanting to act. I enjoy singing and it has become a huge part of me now, but if I have to choose, it will always be acting. I am who I am because I get to act. Acting makes me the happiest,” the 31-year-old expresses.

During the holiday season approaches, Norouzi is holidaying in the US. “For this Christmas and New Year, I am in America to be with my friends and family. I wanted to really enjoy Christmas after a long time, because it is very big for me, I grew up celebrating it. This is my most favourite holiday of the year,” she shares, adding, “The last couple of years I wasn’t able to enjoy it because I was either working or it was Corona. I was really excited this year. I am in LA, and have plans to go to Las Vegas, and San Francisco as well for the New Year. It’s very special because I also grew up in Germany, where Christmas is huge. It’s my holiday season.”

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