Dharmendra once abused his house help, here’s how his mother taught him a lesson: ‘Tu bhi gali de’


Dharmendra’s mom once made a servant abuse the actor after he got angry and abused him, Sunny Deol has now revealed. He also recalled living with his grandmom and said she had a great influence on him. Sunny was talking on The Ranveer Show when he recalled his childhood and experiences. (Also read: Sunny Deol once teased a girl and her brother pulled up to his house)

Dharmendra during the press conference organised after the success of his film Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani.(Ashish Vaishnav)

Sunny Deol’s childhood

Recalling his childhood, Sunny also said that his childhood was fun and he’d always play and his mom would beat him up when he returned home. Like most kids from that era, Sunny was also beaten up for getting hurt while playing.

Dharmendra’s mom

“Dadi has had such a great influence on me. She was such a giving woman. She’d easily scold her own if they were wrong. I remember, one time my father got angry at the servant and abused him. Biji heard this, and she was furious. She called the servant over and told him ‘Tu bhi gali de (abuse him in return)’. That’s the kind of person she was. She’dnever let go a wrong just because one of her own did it. These are the people I grew up around; my grandfather, my granny, my mom. I always say that a child is the output of where you grow, what your family is all about.”

When Dharmendra slapped Sunny Deol

Asked if his dad ever scolded him, Sunny recalled that Dharmendra slapped him once. “I had three fingers stamped on my face, because that’s how big my face was at the time… Like any other child, I did naughty things. One day, my father caught me and slapped me across the face. Later he was so sorry, Biji and mom got angry at him again.” He added that his father was always very busy and used to work in triple shifts.

Sunny’s new film

Sunny’s latest outing, Gadar 2, is competing with Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan to become the top grossing film of 2023. Directed by Anil Sharma, Gadar 2 released last month and is now inching close to 500 crore domestic collections.


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