Dating In Digital Era: Russian Man Unveils ChatGPTs Role In Crafting His Love Story, Read

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New Delhi: In a unique twist to modern romance, a 23-year-old Russian software developer, Alexander Zhadan, claims that artificial intelligence (AI) played a significant role in helping him meet and connect with his now-wife. According to reports from Russian news agency RIA Novosti, Zhadan utilized AI, including ChatGPT and other bots, to streamline his search for love on the popular dating app Tinder.

AI Filtering And Matchmaking

Zhadan provided ChatGPT with information on his communication style, allowing the AI to filter potential matches and engage in conversations on his behalf. (Also Read: India’s Stock Exchanges Cut Paytm Daily Trading Limits To 10% After Rout)

After encountering around 5,000 women in a year, the AI-assisted approach helped him identify his “AI-endorsed soulmate,” Karina Imranovna. “I trained it to such an extent that it began to interact with girls like me,” shared Zhadan about his AI companion. (Also Read: Chennai Metro Joins ONDC, First To Do So; Check What New It Brings)

AI’s Role In Relationship Progression

The AI not only filtered out undesirable matches but also engaged in small talk, arranged dates, and eventually assisted Zhadan in proposing to Karina. He installed specific filters to prioritize women with whom he should continue communicating in real life.

When Zhadan met Karina in person, he continued to use the AI platform to guide their correspondence. The neural network even provided suggestions on where to go and what to say in different situations.

AI’s Proposal Recommendation

At the end of 2023, ChatGPT recommended that Zhadan propose to Karina, highlighting the strength and balance in their relationship.

Karina’s Reaction

Karina was reportedly unaware of the AI’s role in their relationship until after they submitted their applications to the registry office. Zhadan mentioned that she reacted calmly upon discovering the truth.

Zhadan believes it is possible to create a program to help others find their “ideal partner” by understanding the economic and integration aspects. He considers his AI-assisted matchmaking as a personal project.

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