Cool Suresh apologises for misbehaving with female anchor: ‘I am so embarrassed. My wife also condemned this’

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Tamil actor Cool Suresh has rendered an apology after his latest act during Sarakku promotions caused furore on social media. The actor forcibly put a garland on a female anchor, who was clearly uncomfortable by his act. Many on social media condemned his act and now, he has said that he, too, was embarrassed about it.

Cool Suresh has offered an apology after a recent incident.

Cool Suresh’s apology video

In an apology video, Cool Suresh said, “The audio ceremony of the movie Sarakku, produced and acted by Mansoor Ali Khan, took place yesterday. I also participated in that event. There have been some incidents. I garlanded the lady who hosted the show. I only found out later that I should not have done that. I just want my place to be lively. What I did as a game turned out to be a disaster. Today, it’s gotten really big on social media. This made me very sad.”

He also apologised to the woman he misbehaved with. “A Cool Suresh show will be a joy. But it turned out to be the opposite. This incident has made others frown and I am embarrassed. I don’t know the name of the female host. I apologize publicly to her. It happened as a sport at that place. I also apologize to the press friends. This incident has nothing to do with brother Mansoor Ali Khan. It is entirely my fault. The girl was unknown to me. I danced with her before the show started. I did that because I thought she would be jovial because she also danced,” he reasoned.

He said that never realised that the woman would feel uncomfortable by his act. “When I put the garland, the girl immediately reacted. All of you will assume that if Cool Suresh does something, he will do it in a crazy way. Thinking like that, I also made fun of it. But never thought that it would cause embarrassment to a woman,” he said.

‘My wife also condemned this’

He added that even his wife was upset with him. “I cannot act well. That’s why I make my living doing these kinds of clownish things. Sarakku team has nothing to do with this incident. I am responsible for this incident. So I apologize publicly to everyone. I also apologize to those who have always supported me. My actions should not set a bad example for them. Friends around me told me, ‘You did a big mistake’. My wife also condemned this. I did this very playfully. I usually speak to encourage others. I will speak positively to them. I am sorry that this incident took place in this place, please forgive me again,” he said.

Cool Suresh will be next seen in Chandramukhi 2.


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