Congress claims Narendra Modi shunned PM’s work, lies ‘a quintal per day’


New Delhi: The Congress party launched a concerted attack against Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday, a day after the latter called Rahul Gandhi the leader of stupid people (moorkhon ke sardar). Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge took a couple scathing jibes at the prime minister, saying he campaigned like an MLA candidate and lied “one quintal per day”.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi came under attack from the Congress, on Wednesday. (PTI)

“PM Modi is roaming about so much that he appears to be the MLA candidate. He has quit his prime ministerial work and is roaming in small alleys… Modi ji, first perform your duty as the prime minister, then do election campaigning,” Kharge said.

Modi is the BJP’s main campaigner in the ongoing elections in five states.

Kharge said the BJP had played no role in the freedom struggle, in the making of the constitution or alleviating poverty. He claimed that some people linked to BJP’s ideology had come to the constituent assembly and wanted to exclude women and poor people from the election process.

“They didn’t fight for the country’s independence, but they fought for government jobs during British rule,” he alleged.

Attacking PM Modi, he said PM Modi promised he would give 15 lakh in bank accounts and 2 crore jobs every year.

“However, no one got anything. PM Modi lies one quintal every day,” he added.

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Meanwhile, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said Modi kept crying about the abuse he faced from the opposition.

“Have you watched Salman Khan’s film ‘Tere Naam’ in which he keeps crying from start to end? I say, let us make a movie on Modi ji with the title “Mere Naam”, she said.

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Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi responded to PM Modi’s “moorkhon ke sardar” jibe.

“Wherever PM Modi goes, he uses bad words against me, he abuses me, talks nonsense. I don’t care much about this. I have told you my goal already. He can call me any name, I don’t really care. My goal is — jitna paisa Narendra Modi Adani ko deta hai utna paisa me gareebo ko dunga (I will give as much money to the poor people of the country as Narendra Modi gives to Adani),” he said.

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