‘Cheeku Goes To Chakan’: Noida Boy Who Wanted To Buy Thar For Rs 700 Visits Anand Mahindra’s Pune Plant

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Mahindra Thar is one of the most popular cars in India today, which every other person wants to own. Recently, a video of a young boy from Noida who wished to purchase a Mahindra Thar for Rs 700 went viral. The video caught the attention of the Chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra, and even though the boy did not buy the car for Rs 700, he got an opportunity to visit the Mahindra plant in Chakan, near Pune.

An endearing video capturing Cheeku Yadav enjoying his time at the Chakan plant was shared on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) by Anand Mahindra on Thursday. The video went viral, and till now, it has more than 400k views.

Sharing the video, the Indian billionaire said that Cheeku, the young Thar enthusiast, finally gets to visit the Chakan plant, bringing smiles and inspiration with him. 

“CHEEKU  goes to CHAKAN. From a viral video to a real-life adventure…Cheeku, the young Thar enthusiast, visited our Chakan plant, bringing smiles and inspiration with him. Thank you, @ashakharga1 and Team @mahindraauto for hosting one of our best brand ambassadors! (And I’m hoping it also prevents him now from asking his Dad to buy him a Thar for only Rs 700!),” reads the caption of his post.

Several people on social media came forward to laud Mahindra’s efforts towards Cheeku. One of the users wrote, “Power of internet. @anandmahindra sir, you have got the coolest brand ambassador.”

Asking if Cheeku can be a part of one of Mahindra’s commercials, another user wrote, “The best and cutest brand ambassador…Cheeku! Need to see him more. Why not a commercial advt?”

“Looks like Cheeku is driving more attention than your latest model! Better watch out, he might steal the show with his charisma and Thar-tastic moves!” wrote a third user.

Back in December, Anand Mahindra shared a video featuring Cheeku, where the young boy was discussing with his father the desire to purchase a Thar for Rs 700.

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