Canada Emerges To Be Top Destination For Migrating Indian Tech Professionals, Study Reveals


Canada appears to have cemented its position as a favoured destination for tech professionals from India, marking a substantial surge in the influx of skilled workers from abroad. The latest findings, unveiled in a comprehensive report jointly presented by The Technology Councils of North America (TECNA) and Canada’s Tech Network (CTN), shed light on the shifting dynamics of the global tech workforce. The report, titled ‘Tech Workforce Trends: Mapping Tech Migration in the Post-Pandemic Era,’ reveals a noteworthy migration pattern that has seen a significant number of tech specialists flock to Canada in the period spanning April 2022 to March 2023, reported IANS.

This migration trend signifies a pivotal response to Canada’s hospitable immigration policies and its advantageous labour costs, which have collectively attracted over 32,000 tech experts from various corners of the world.

Within this migration wave, India stands out as the most prominent contributor, sending forth 15,097 tech professionals, followed by 1,808 from Nigeria. Notably, the cities of Mississauga and Montreal have emerged as thriving tech hubs that have harnessed this inflow of tech talent. Mississauga boasts an impressive cluster of nearly 1,000 IT companies, constituting a workforce of over 300,000 skilled tech practitioners. In parallel, Montreal has witnessed a remarkable 31 per cent growth in its tech ecosystem from 2015 to 2020.

Addressing the broader context, the report underscores the vital role that this influx of tech workers plays in meeting the global demand for skilled labour, particularly in the midst of an acute shortage of talent. This trend not only addresses an immediate need but also paints a promising picture for the future of Canada’s tech sector.

Migration data reveals a telling picture: 1,900 tech workers chose Mississauga as their new home, while 959 opted for Montreal during the assessed period. Interestingly, while India, Nigeria, and Brazil serve as the primary sources of this tech talent inflow, Canada is also drawing attention from the United States. Notably, tech professionals, including a substantial number of Indian origin, are making their way from major American cities such as Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

Canada’s strategic move to offer open work permits to H1-B visa holders from the United States adds another layer to this unfolding narrative. The move is intended to attract top-tier tech expertise to Canadian shores. A significant statistic underlines this opportunity: around 75 per cent of H1-B visa holders in the US hail from India. Consequently, Canada’s welcoming stance on work permits is poised to yield substantial benefits for Indian tech professionals and the country’s tech sector at large.

In essence, Canada’s tech landscape is undergoing a transformative phase, fueled by a global migration of tech specialists and an astute immigration policy. As the world watches this evolution, it is evident that Canada’s allure as a hub for tech talent is poised to rise even further, propelling the nation into a new era of innovation and growth.


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