BTS’s V debuts on Countdown TV: Netizens go wild as he sings some favourites


BTS’s V crooned ‘Slow Dancing’ and ‘Love Me Again’ on Japan’s Countdown TV. The K-pop star performed at the famous Tokyo Tower and hooked the crowd with his captivating vocals, seductive delivery and immersive deep emotions.

BTS’s V crooned ‘Slow Dancing’ and ‘Love Me Again’ on Japan’s Countdown TV.

Taehyung was seen wearing a light blue t-shirt with a graphic ‘Goth Surfers’ printed on it in yellow colour. The artist styled it up with baggy pants and a classic silver chain and bracelets. He also had a black cap hung on his back pocket.

Countdown TV is a Japanese late-night music television program. V’s performance in the program is evident in his popularity all around the world.

Fans have taken to X (formerly Twitter) to share their joy and excitement over the star’s performance and success.

While performing ‘Love Me Again’ the K-pop icon was seen wearing a white under t-shirt, paired with a white jacket and black leather pants. This time his jewellery had a gold aesthetic.

‘Slow Dancing’ and ‘Love Me Again’

The songs ‘Slow Dancing’ and ‘Love Me Again’ are part of V’s recent first solo album titled Layover.

On September 17, he debuted at the 2nd spot on the Billboard 200 chart. According to Billboard, the album has 12.95 official streams

The focus track of the album is Slow Dancing and the fan favourite part about the track is that it does not have a definite dance routine. So each time it is performed, the steps are freestyle and different each time.

In a recent interview with the variety show You Quiz On The Block, V explained the meaning behind naming his album Layover. He revealed that for him, the journey is more like a layover because nothing in his life seems to be happening in a straight line that leads to a goal. So that he himself can stop running, look back, and appreciate, the album’s title is Layover.

V’s second position on Billboard has tied him with his bandmates SUGA and Jimin for their solo albums D-DAY and Face respectively.


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