BTS’ V officially releases Snow Flower, Winter Bear, Scenery; here’s where to find them


BTS member V on Monday released his songs– Snow Flower feat. PeakBoy, Winter Bear, and Scenery. Taking to X (formerly known as Twitter), BTS agency BigHit Music posted tweets on Monday. V aka Kim Taehyung unveiled the songs just over a week ahead of the release of his first-ever solo album Layover on September 8. (Also Read | BTS’ V calls Greta Gerwig’s Barbie ‘one of the most impactful films’ he’s watched in recent times)

BTS member V officially released his three songs.

V’s three songs released

BigHit Music shared the names of platforms where the songs were officially released. They include Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. The caption read, “Scenery, Winter Bear, Snow Flower (feat. Peakboy) official release #V #Scenery #WinterBear #SnowFlower.” The songs released at 1.30 pm KST (9.30 am IST).

Fans react to V’s song

Reacting to the tweet, a fan said, “Finally! Thank you. I was waiting for this.” A tweet read, “Thank you for such great songs!!! #Scenery Performed by V, written by V; #WinterBear interpreted by V, written by RM and V; #SnowFlower interpreted by V, Feat: #Peakboy, written by V, produced by V.”

Another person wrote on X, “Thank you Tae for such great songs.” “His masterpieces are finally here,” commented another person. A person said, “Taehyung’s comfort songs are finally here.”

V shares pics from his recent trip

On Monday, V shared several photos on Instagram from his recent trip to Japan for Celine. In the photos, he was seen in a white T-shirt, denim jacket, a printed scarf around his neck and black leather pants. V also opted for black boots and earrings. He captioned the post, “@celine Tokyo is great (face with hand over mouth emoji).”

V’s album layover

V will drop his solo debut album Layover on September 8 at 1 pm KST (9.30 am IST). It will consist of six songs–Rainy Days, Blue, Love Me Again, Slow Dancing, For Us and Slow Dancing (Piano Version).

A part of BigHit Music’s statement on Weverse read, “Hello. This is BigHit Music. We are excited to share more details about the release of BTS member V’s solo album Layover. Layover consists of six tracks in total – five tracks and a bonus track. To fully appreciate the album’s flow, we recommend listening to it in sequence from start to finish.”


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