Bihar School Holidays Reduced From 23 To 11 Days Between September And December


According to the updated directive from the Education Department, it’s now imperative for primary schools to maintain a minimum of 200 working days, while middle schools are required to have at least 220 days of operation. However, disruptions caused by-elections, examinations, festivals, and natural disasters tend to disrupt the regular school schedule.

Additionally, the practice of closing schools on festival occasions varies across districts, with some remaining open while others remain closed. To ensure uniformity in school operations, changes will be implemented throughout the remaining days of 2023, addressing these issues and streamlining the functioning of schools.

List Of Holidays

Holiday on Chehallum– September 6

Anant Pooja/birthday of Mohammad Sahib holiday– September 28

Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti Holiday– October 2

Durga Puja Holiday– October 22nd to 24th

Diwali Holiday– November 12

Chitragupta Puja, Bhaiya Duj– November 15

Chhath Puja Holiday– November 19 to 20

Christmas Holiday– December 25


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